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Doomsday Shelter in Kansas

It sounds like a bad science fiction novel, but apparently it’s a true story…

Capitalist Voters League
Average Paid Americans to Be Left Behind

Toxic Waste Cloud
The Customer is Always Right

Blame Gamer
Jeff Foxworthy Proves That We Don’t Need School

League of Sexual Orientation Choice Voters
Missouri Joins the Don’t Say Gay Club

League of Choice Voters
Join the Harass the Anti-Choicers Club!

TX Theater Says, “No Texting!”

…or else they’ll make a PSA example out of you!

Gadgetry Report
Quit Texting in the Theater, Already!

TV World
Stabler Not Returning to Law and Order: SVU This Fall

Fantasy Book Club
2012 is the Year of the Fantasy Film

Pro-Choice Voters
Legislators to American Women: You Don’t Matter

Toxic Waste Cloud
How Cute, They’re All in a Row!

Force-Fed For Beauty

While girls in the West are known to starve themselves for some distorted standard of beauty, girls in Mauritania are often force-fed to gain weight in order to attract a man.

Single Woman Talk
Young Girls Stuffed For Beauty in Mauritania

Military Book Club
Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods

Farm Talk
Are Pigs Really a Flu Threat to Humans?

Toxic Waste Cloud
You’re Inconvenienced, Are You?

Health Food Talk
Yay or Nay for Chocolate Milk?

SUV Ban Coming to Paris?

If this is successful, I’m all about following in the city’s footsteps. Okay, let’s be honest, I’m all for an SUV ban today.

Car Show
Paris to Ban SUVs

Nature Book Club
Creepy Crawlies

Animal Book Club

New Baby Gifts
Introducing Baby to Snow

Toxic Waste Cloud

Feds Should Mandate Snow Days

Extreme Last-Minute Gifts!

Now you’re pushing it! If you’re not seeing your friends and family until after Christmas, you might be able to get by with these last-minute gift ideas.

eShopper Forum

Extreme Last Minute Gift Ideas

Writer’s Remorse
Morning Pages for Techies

Cosmetic Report
Skip the Perfume This Christmas

Green Voters League
Coral Reefs to Be Gone Before Our Grandkids Can See Them

Toxic Waste Cloud
Don’t Zombie-fy My Kid

Show Support for Circus Elephants

Here’s a very easy yet effective campaign to help show your support for elephants suffering in the circus industry.

Animal Report
Show Support for Circus Elephants

Writer’s Remorse
Take the 100 Words Challenge

Toxic Waste Cloud
Read a Book, THEN Open Your Mouth

Cook Book Club
Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook

Tree Worshiper
Apply for the Plastics are Forever International Youth Summit

Study Shows Cleaning Products May Cause Cancer

No surprise there…

You Clean
A Clean House Isn’t Worth Breast Cancer

Restaurant Talk
National Drive-Thru Day

History Talk
Body of Female Gladiator Discovered

Toxic Waste Cloud
Leo Gallagher is a Bigot, Among Other Things

Pro-Choice Voters
Global Media Awards Accepting Entries