My husband calls it “Lamebook.” The husband of a friend of mine calls it “Bitchbook.” I’ve recently decided that, if anything, Facebook could be called “Hatebook.”

Hate groups are sprouting up on the site like dandelions, and it’s making me want to visit the site less and less. Several friends have left the site already; if not for a few benefits of the site, I would be packing my bags by now, too.

Peace Report
Hope in Times of Great Hate

Animal Report
Save the Asiatic Black Bear From Bile Farming

Seafood Talk
Save the Sea Lions

2 thoughts on “Hatebook.”

  1. I thought about what you said earlier over the past few hours and came to the conclusion that the reason I want to use the site has changed and that maybe I have changed too with so much addiction and exposure to it. I wonder if many of us have been come de-sensitized by it to a certain extent and chalk it up to that 1st amendment right people like to hand from their necks like bling. When, in reality, it is all just pure hatred and discrimination. I wonder if some of us have become blind to it?

    I contemplate my real reason for accessing the site anymore. Yes, it is a way to stay in contact with my friend/family, but e-mail and phone calls can accomplish the same task. I believe I have gotten lazy when it comes to staying in contact with those who matter. I will not say that Facebook is the culprit, but I will say that it, along with my incessent need to text, is an accomplice.

    I understand that FB started as a social networking site to help people stay in contact and in some instances raise awareness (there are many beneficial fan pages out ther), but it has also, as you have pointed out, fostered hate and become another tool in hatred’s dirty arsenal. It has also helped us become lazy and inhibit our communication abilities. How many kids have the ability to have an intelligent face-to-face conversation or debate? How many can complete a full sentence that has consistant grammer and spelling?

    I guess I am ragging on technology and FB, but my initial point was, prior to my rant, that I thought about it and I have an understanding as to where you are coming from…and understnad why Laci, and you wanted to leave.

  2. I appreciate your comments and insight, Tam. As a very solitary creature, I once used FB as a way to make human connections, which at the time sufficed; now I think that maybe it’s a mistake; that it detracts the humanness from us and makes us, like you said, desensitized to hate. We also seem to be living in a hate culture, with people listening to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Glen Beck on a regular basis. That just keeps spreading more and more hate and intolerance.

    I have friends who’ve left because it’s become a joke. I, too, would leave if not for a couple of things on the site–one single group I belong to and communicate with daily, and the ability to connect with family to plan events. Other than that, it’s become a chore, and I don’t visit nearly as much as I used to. I’ve hidden probably half of the people, if not more, from my homepage (their statuses) just this week from so many negative, hateful posts. I guess I just feel too guilty to de-friend them, like it wouldn’t be nice, but their posts certainly are not even in the realm of nice. It seems like it’s doing more harm than good lately.

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