The Tuesday Currents

My best friend took this pic of mushrooms in my yard. They keep growing in adorable fairy rings, perfect for Renaissance Festival weekend.

I’m currently…

Funneling cats off my desk and onto the floor. Gently. They all want to cuddle while I’m writing.

Checking out our photos from the St. Louis Renaissance Festival. We had a blast and Wood Sprite’s ready to go again already! Her favorites? The fire-eater and the costumes (she found one that looked just like Newt Scamander’s clothing). I think we all loved the costumes, and Indy really enjoyed the jousting. The music was probably my favorite.

Washing every scrap in the house. Sheets, blankets, my backed-up laundry pile, you name it… it’s time to freshen up for fall snuggling!

Typing my fingers off to meet deadlines before going to City Museum and co-op this week.

Drinking my favorite cold brew tea… and realizing I’m almost out.

Contemplating the St. Louis Film Festival. There are so many cool submissions and we need to narrow down what we want to see most!

What are you up to this week?

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