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Democrat Talk
Sing on to Support Women Candidates

Pro-Choice Voters
Free Birth Control

Green Voters League
FDA Finally Changes Sunscreen Mandates

Capitalist Voters
Biden: Let’s Cut the Budget by $4 Trillion

Religious Voters
Tell Congress to Protect Medicaid

Objectors US
Support LGBT Homeless Youth

Want to Be an Extra in The Hunger Games Movie?

If I lived close enough I would so be all over this!

Rumor Report
Want to Be in The Hunger Games?

Restaurant Talk
Class Act of the Day: Naming Your Restaurant After a Rape Scene

Writer’s Remorse
Don’t Let the Minutiae Kill Your Creativity

Craft World
DIY Toys and Games

Los Angeles Music
Glee Project: Big Fireworks or a Big Flop?

Healthy and Hale
Test Your Cell Phone’s Radiation Levels

Male Voters League
Why is Rep. Weiner Not Being Charged with Harassment?

Political News

2012 Voters
GOP Debate Recap

Politics Report
AAUW Lobby Day

Tea Party Forums
Tea Party Candidates Hope to Win Hatch’s Seat

Tea Party Report
Freaky Tea Party Camp to Be Held in Florida

Republican Talk
Oppose Budget Cuts That Hurt Women and Families

Republican Voters League
Mitt Romney Jokes About Being Unemployed

How About Some Avocado Ice Cream?

This summer, I want to make some really exotic flavors, like the ones below!

Living to Do
Make an Exotic Ice Cream Flavor

Picture Book Club
I Love You, Every Little Bit

Green Voters League
Human-Induced Mass Extinction Going On Right Now

South Park Talk
Season 15, Episode 7: You’re Getting Old

Cookbook Club
Next Food Network Star: More Dramatic Than Ever

Meat Report
Side of Human with Those Fish and Chips?

TX Theater Says, “No Texting!”

…or else they’ll make a PSA example out of you!

Gadgetry Report
Quit Texting in the Theater, Already!

TV World
Stabler Not Returning to Law and Order: SVU This Fall

Fantasy Book Club
2012 is the Year of the Fantasy Film

Pro-Choice Voters
Legislators to American Women: You Don’t Matter

Toxic Waste Cloud
How Cute, They’re All in a Row!

Things I Love Thursday

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. I have got to get a move on if I’m going to get caught up so I can have a girls’ night on Friday with the BFF! This week has just been largely eaten up by allergies and toothaches. There’s still quite a bit to love, of course!

   another date day with my husband, courtesy of said BFF! It was our 16th anniversary on Monday and we had a nice time together      Chinese for dinner, an unexpected treat      Benadryl–when it works       the fluke-of-a-ginormous electric bill is paid, yay!      James McAvoy as Professor X    Jennifer Lawrence, who is quickly becoming my favorite young person in Hollywood       watching Wood Sprite play t-ball (and chase the ball after she hit it!)      running into old friends at the park       making new friends through homeschooling       drinking ice water by the gallon and relishing its cool, refreshing slide down into your belly when it’s 100 degrees outside      my husband’s reaction to the earthquake–stumbling around semi-naked, mumbling, “Are you doing laundry, hon?”      a callback from a mechanic’s shop for him–keep your fingers crossed!      holding an alligator last week! I still can’t get over how cool that was      teaching Wood Sprite proper ball glove care      playing ABC hopscotch      talking about “how dinosaurs got extincted” with Wood Sprite       The Sisters Grimm series; can’t wait to start book 8 on Saturday (this time I’m not starting until I’m done with my work!)      reading The Hunger Games trilogy aloud with my husband; we’re on Mockingjay now      a much-needed girls’ night coming up this weekend      orange and lemonade flavored Airheads       Wood Sprite dubbing her Squinkies “pirate ship captains”       my new amazing natural sugar scrub, which is coconut-lime scented      doing science experiments with my husband, such as “whose method of giving the dog water fills the bowl most efficiently” (turns out both of us do…)      sudden empowering thoughts replacing my age-old doubts and shame; could they all be stemming from a single dream? Or maybe it’s inspired by my new hero, Lauren from Glee…       Roseanne’s new book Roseannarchy; I had to return it because it was a seven-day loaner, but what I read was excellent and hilarious       still eagerly awaiting many other sequels from the library!

13 Ways Cicadas are Like Men

This is just a joke, guys! It’s actually a product of some goofy thoughts my best friend and I had the other day.

Single Women Talk
13 Ways Men are Like Cicadas

X-Men: First Class Takes Us Back Full Circle

Pet in the Pocket
Rats on the Runway

Fun Report
Best Prank Ever, or Most Scarred Kid for Life?

Adventure Book Club
YA Saves

Parenting Report
How Do You Know She’s Learning?

Seismologists Charged with Manslaughter

What’s next, weather people charged for ruining the parade?

Seismologists Charged with Manslaughter for Failing to Predict Earthquake

Farm Talk
Chicken Feathers: A Possible Source of Plastic

Peace Report
Demi & Ashton: Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

Noir Movie
Winter’s Bone is Mesmerizing

Death in the Aisle
Zombieland is Pretty Much Shoot ‘Em Up with Zombies

Objectors US
I Don’t Want to See Your Gun Around My Kid

Pro-Choice Voters
Use the Contraceptives, Already

It’s OK to Be Takei

I love this new campaign by George Takei!

Strange Somethings
It’s OK to Be Takei

Medical Job Market
ERs Continue to Close, Despite Growing Need

Children’s Book Club
Dr. Seuss Admits He is a Sexist Peeg

School Fest
Prisons > Schools?

Movie Center
Kung Fu Panda 2 is a Pretty Sweet Movie

Grow a Garden to Help Feed the Homeless

What a fantastic idea!

Farm Talk
Grow a Garden to Feed the Homeless

Health Food Talk
Kidfresh: Healthy Frozen Meals for Kids

Parenting Report
Six Year Olds Should Dress Like They’re Six, Not Sixteen

Female Talk
Girl Scouts: A Bunch of Abortionist Feminazi Crazies

Fantasy Book Club
The Sisters Grimm: A Fantastic YA Series