Reverb, Day 27: On Ordinary Joy

It seems like I’ve written about this before… Oh well!

Prompt: Ordinary joy. Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?

I just feel like making a top 10 list for this prompt. (Click to read after the cut.)

Oh, I have to add another moment: singing karaoke on Christmas with my whole family–my mother, aunt, sisters, brother-in-law, and even my father and husband for the first time, respectively! The former and I sang “Come As You Are,” while TJ and I sang “Time After Time.” These will be some of my most treasured memories of the year.

10. Cats sleeping in circles around me; my bed, my office chair, wherever I am.

9. Hearing Wood Sprite sing when she thinks no one is listening–especially when she creates her own lyrics.

8. Singing in the shower at the top of my lungs (particularly when nobody is home)–usually Janis Joplin, Billy Joel, and some classical stuff from choir. This is especially wonderful when you, say, suddenly remember the Latin lyrics to John Rutter’s Requiem after eight years and, though you may not be able to hit it as high as you once could, it still feels so good to belt out.

7. Monthly date nights where nobody’s home but the two of us and we can do whatever we want–play Nintendo, order takeout, be loud (take that any way you like!), have cocktails, watch non-kid movies, whatever.

6. Impromptu pretend, such as playing Mission: Impossible in the bathroom at Fazolis, where all of the lines on the floor are trap wires and we have to wash our hands.

5. Sharing pain with my BFF and finding surprising joy (not to mention laughter) out of the sorrow.

4. Nearly every single moment of family game night every month. Best tradition ever!

3. The joy on her face when, since she was coughing and I wouldn’t let her play in it, I brought a bucket of snow inside and told her to have at it.

2. Family hugs and kisses, the latter in which we both kiss her on the cheek at the same time.

1. Howling with my kiddo at the dawn’s early light.

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