Things I Love Thursday

Some things I’m loving this week include…

Indy making Deadpool references. I bet he’s seen the movie over 60 times. 

Fellow authors who help with promos! I’m so happy to reciprocate, especially when they do the labor of finding new opportunities and share them with us all.

reps who call or write you back with encouraging news (and not canned responses)

cookies from my mom

ONE bars from my sister

my cool journal

seeing my family from a distance

Charlie, this spring’s sink spider, eating the bugs coming through the window

fellow activists who give a crap

patient teachers

Tiktok. I’m way too addicted, but when my brain is fried from work/school/activism/house remodeling/housework in general/pandemic mind, I often find I can’t get into a book. This is inconvenient given how many I want to read (and how many we have from the library). But these quick, delightful, hilarious videos are like little cookies that are short enough to enjoy in between the big stuff. My favorites right now are 911 call spoofs and goofy metaphysical shop videos.

an enormous mirror my mom sent over. It’s not going to be painted and hung until the office is done and I don’t even know where we’re going to hang it for sure but it’s beautiful

What are you loving this week?


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