Things I Love Thursday

I love the people at Starbucks, too.

Here are a few things I’m loving this week. What are you loving?

Getting better. I’m so tired of being sick.

Starbucks Toasted White Chocolate Mocha. Holy cow, this stuff is good. Unfortunately my free birthday coupon expired while I was sick. 😦 It hasn’t even been three weeks since my birthday!

A fabulous day at Starbucks while Wood Sprite was in class. I was worried about not getting an indoor seat because it was chilly enough to aggravate my cough outside (I often sit outside at this location), but not only did I get a seat but I got a tiny table right on a heater, complete with an outlet! And they played so many of my favorite songs, which is weird since they usually play a bunch I don’t know (ha!). From “Rhiannon” to “Lola,” “Crazy on You” to “Jackson,” I had the best soundtrack ever while I journaled, caught my planners up and even did some stickering. I even had an awesome pair of scissors I grabbed at the last minute! (Most of my scissors are so gummed up.) Then I had potstickers and a bubble tea at my favorite noodle place. It was the best. Or maybe it just felt like it because I was finally out of the house!

Hanging out with Wood Sprite. She’s at the age where sometimes she hates to be with her mom and is grump-tastic, but when she does hang out with me (which is still every day), she’s so much fun. She’s funny and creative and I just love to be with her.

Hot baths. They have been the best thing while I’ve been sick.

Dad giving us rides. He’s always fun to be with and I love spending time with him and we’re just grateful for the rides, too! He took us to this incredible Quick Trip–I’m talking the palace of Quick Trips, complete with a billion slushy flavors–and Wood Sprite and I were just awestruck. I wasn’t even thirsty and had to get a lemonade slush.

Watching the Potato (AKA the baby, AKA Sally) chase pipe cleaners down the hall.

A new month! New months are always exciting, but I’m especially eager to say goodbye to November. We never celebrated my birthday because I was too sick and now Indy has to work overtime this weekend, which is when we were going to do a “makeup,” but I’m just going to count my awesome day at Starbucks as my birthday. Indy did get me some awesome presents–tons of sticker paper, a diffuser, a new sweater and a Stephen King novel! Now hopefully I can kick the rest of this cough soon. December is one of my favorite months, too. I love the decorations, the music, the spirit, colors, Indy’s birthday… but ONLY after December 1! Anytime before that is too soon! My second favorite holiday, New Year’s, is also approaching.

Indy’s birthday presents. I cannot WAIT to give them to him. I always try to get the most unique, outside the box things for him and I think I really did it this time!

Paying off debt. We are SO close to getting so many things paid off and just paid off three bothersome bills. Our credit is the best it’s ever been, which makes me feel more grown-up than anything else. Yep, even more than parenthood. Maybe.

How Sky loves cheese crackers! It’s hilarious how she tried to steal Goldfish from Wood Sprite.

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