Things I Love Thursday

childrens museum arcnet
The Arknet. Another fun item from our trip to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum!

Today passed me by so quickly! Indy and I stayed up late snuggling and watching Sherlock. This morning we slept in and tried to go skating only to find the skating rink overrun with camp and day care kids. I love that they are going out to have fun, but couldn’t they reserve a spot that’s not open to the public since there are so many kids?

Here are some things I’m loving this week. What are you loving?

This beautiful weather and time with friends in said weather! On Monday we ventured out and I felt like a mole, hissing at everyone and squinting around me. Between the rain and Indy’s schedule, Wood Sprite and I haven’t been out much. Monday kind of broke us back in and we really enjoyed park time with friends Tuesday and Wednesday. The summer is almost over, but it was the first week that really felt like it to us.

The approaching fall season! I’m always excited when office supplies are on sale, the season starts to cool and our co-op classes and field trips start back up. Between said classes and field trips and local business opportunities (homeschool day at gymnastics, museums, etc.) you really have to be judicious with your time or you’ll be doing 2-4 activities per day, but it’s always exciting to get back into the activities. During the summer, we usually only have a weekly park day (and sometimes a few other activities).

Wood Sprite being back on a normal sleep schedule. It’s hard for us to keep one with Indy’s ever-changing hours, but between camp and park time, Wood Sprite has been too exhausted to stay up late. The downside is that she misses our time together when Indy gets home.

GISHWHES! We’ve made some really fun things this week and I look forward to sharing them. We didn’t go as nuts as we did last year (or spend nearly as much, thankfully!) but we still did a few fun things together.

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