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Summer Concerts Across America

See who’s playing in your neck of the woods.

Sacramento Music
Live Music Hotspots in Sacramento

Portland Music
U2 Tour Coming to Seattle in June

Philadelphia Music
Rhianna’s Loud Tour Hits Philadelphia in July 2011

Oakland Music
Famous Musicians From Oakland

New York Music
Famous Singers of New York

Nashville Music
Keith Urban to Play in Nashville

Minneapolis Music
Famous Voices of Minnesota

Pop Music Club
Katy Perry is Actually Pretty Awesome

World Music Talk
Pure Moods III

Phoenix Music
10 Must-See Phoenix Concerts

Oklahoma City Music
Garth Brooks: A Product of Oklahoma

Miami Music
CCR in Miami This Week

Memphis Music
Famous Singers of Memphis

Los Angels Music
Famous Musicians of Los Angeles

Long Beach Music
Eddie Vedder to Sing in Long Beach

Jacksonville Music
10 Must-See Jacksonville Summer Concerts

Indianapolis Music
More Famous Musicians From Indianapolis

Houston Music
Houston’s Most Famous Musicians

World Music 101

If you’ve never given Putumayo albums a try, now is the perfect time to do so. Check out some of their amazing music from your local library.

World Music Talk
Putumayo Makes My Heart Sing

Parenting Report
Please Stop with the Boob Milk Guilt Trip
Please Stop with the Boob Milk Guilt Trip, Part II

Creative Copy Challenge #31 is up, too. Check out my warbling homage to Journey–and please, join in! 🙂