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Jobs Across America

Below are a few job stories, economy news, and opportunities.

Baltimore Job Market
1500 Jobs Cut in Maryland

Boston Job Market
Job Help for Paralyzed Vets

Charlotte Job Market
College Grads May Want to Move to Charlotte

Chicago Job Market
Need a Job in Chicago?

Cleveland Job Market
Job Growth in Ohio

Virginia Beach Job Market
PETA Seeks a Vet in Virginia

Colorado Springs Job Market
Need a Job in Colorado Springs?

Construction Job Market
Construction Jobs Decline in April

Computers Job Market
Got Computer Skills? Employers Say, “Prove It!”

PETA is Looking for Interns

If you love animals and want to apply, click below for more information.

Virginia Beach Job Market
Intern with PETA

Religion Book Club
Ever, by Gail Carson Levine

The Beatles Talk
Fan Mail From John Lennon, Three Decades Later

Tree Worshiper
Don’t Claim to Be Green When You’re Red

Arcade Games
Nothing Like the Classics

Looking for Employment?

archA lot of people are. Hopefully some of the information below will be of some help.

Charlotte Job Market
Job Outlook in Charlotte Not Solid But Hopeful

Columbus Job Market
Jobless Rate Declines in Columbus

El Paso Job Market
Job Gains and Losses in El Paso

Fort Worth Job Market
Farmer’s Markets Growing in Fort Worth

Indianapolis Job Market
Indianapolis Economy Ready for a Comeback?

Kansas City Job Market
Construction Jobs Down in Kansas City

Memphis Job Market
College Students in Memphis Prepare for the Business World

Milwaukee Job Market
College Kids in Milwaukee Fear a Bleak Job Market

Nashville Job Market
New Prediction for 2012: Nashville Recovery

New Orleans Job Market
New Orleans Down 1100 Jobs

Oklahoma City Job Market
Oklahoma City’s Jobless Rate Among the Lowest in the Country

Omaha Job Market
Meatpacking is a Dangerous Gig in Nebraska

Phoenix Job Market
Teachers to Be Laid Off in Phoenix

St. Louis Job Market
St. Louis Nurses “Shielded” From Tough Economy

Virginia Beach Job Market
Master’s Degree: New Qualification for Scooping Ice Cream?

Real Book
ArchEnemy a Disappointing Finale