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Everything Hunger Games

Get your fix on news, views, speculation, and spoilers below!

Fiction Book Club
Hunger Games News and Views

Bad Likes
Maryland Bans Nosy Facebook Invasions

Objectors US
George Zimmerman Finally Arrested


Who Should Play Beetee?

My pick will probably surprise you.

PG Movies
Who Should Play Beetee?

League of Anti-Carcinogenic Voters
Fun Foods to Eat That Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Objectors US
Fancy a Strip Search?

Poetry Talk
Challenge Yourself This NaPoMo

League of Education Funding Voters
More Homework Supposedly Equals Better School Results

Domestic Abuse Legalized in Kansas City

In order to save money, Kansas City has decided to simply stop prosecuting people who beat up their partners. Yay, democracy! Head-desk.

Objectors US
Domestic Abusers Go Unpunished in Kansas City

Gay Voters League
Study Confirms Bias Against Gay Employees

Fair Election Voters
No Marriage License? No Voter ID for You

Cosmetic Report
Dove Sponsors Self-Esteem Weekend

Father Spanks Daughter to Death

This story is just too tragic to even think about. I wish parents could see how much harm is in spanking, whether the immediate results are this harmful or not.

Spirituality in the 21st Century
Father Spanks Daughter to Death

Parenting Report
Using Your Parents As an Excuse Just Doesn’t Work

Romantic Report
Love and Other Drugs is Neither Very Lovey Nor Druggie

Objectors US
West Memphis Three Set Free by Weird Law

Single Woman Talk
Why Do Men Name Objects After Women?

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “Evil Ways”
Song of the Day: “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”

Septimus Heap: Darke

I finally got to read Angie Sage’s latest book! And while it wasn’t as amazing as I’d have hoped, it was still fun to read, as all of her novels have been.

Adventure Book Club
Septimus Heap: Darke

Objectors US
Cop Charged with 189 Counts of Child Sexual Assault

Arizona Sports Insider
The Diamondbacks Drew Us Together

The Thinner Me
Weight Stigma Awareness Blog Carnival

French Book Club
Play and Learn French

Animals, Politics, & Radiation

Tea Party Forums
Petty to Bachman: Stop Dragging My Heart Around

Healthy Recovery
Australia PWNS Phillip Morris

Objectors US
Prisoner? No School for You

Peace Report
Let’s Arm All the Drunkards

Green Voters League
Save the Clean Water Act

Earth Talk
Send Your Comment About Arctic Drilling

Animal Report
Beware the Giant Rabbits

Great News Blog
Sunflowers in Fukushima

More Political News…

Democrat Talk
Sing on to Support Women Candidates

Pro-Choice Voters
Free Birth Control

Green Voters League
FDA Finally Changes Sunscreen Mandates

Capitalist Voters
Biden: Let’s Cut the Budget by $4 Trillion

Religious Voters
Tell Congress to Protect Medicaid

Objectors US
Support LGBT Homeless Youth

Seismologists Charged with Manslaughter

What’s next, weather people charged for ruining the parade?

Seismologists Charged with Manslaughter for Failing to Predict Earthquake

Farm Talk
Chicken Feathers: A Possible Source of Plastic

Peace Report
Demi & Ashton: Real Men Don’t Buy Girls

Noir Movie
Winter’s Bone is Mesmerizing

Death in the Aisle
Zombieland is Pretty Much Shoot ‘Em Up with Zombies

Objectors US
I Don’t Want to See Your Gun Around My Kid

Pro-Choice Voters
Use the Contraceptives, Already

Subway Says Hate Your Body

Hard up for material much, Subway? Personally I think your product tastes pretty good, but if you’re so insecure about it that you have to use self-hatred to sell it, maybe it’s not worth my five bucks.

Restaurant Talk
Way to Sell Self-Hatred, Subway

Hydrocodone Zone
Hydrocodone, Codeine Overprescribed to Children

Medical Job Market
Healthcare, Info Tech Jobs High in Demand

New Baby Gifts
Gender Cake Parties

Objectors US
25 Facts About Rape

Death in the Aisle
Supernatural Renewed for 7th Season

Columbus Job Market
Columbus College Kids Cheat, Hope to Get Ahead

Peace Report
Defend Glee‘s “Born This Way”