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California’s Native Flowers

Californians can browse through some of the native plants below when planning a new garden.

Oakland Flowers
Perfect Flowers for Your Oakland Flowers

Oakland Job Market
Oakland Mayor Says Oakland Needs New Jobs

Nursing Job Market
100 Jobs Axed at Nursing Center in Kentucky

The Green Voters League
Want More BP Drilling?

New York Flowers
Native New York Flowers for Your Garden

Detroit Job Market
Detroit Automakers Hope to Boost Economy

New Orleans Job Market
Possible New Manufacturing Jobs in the Big Easy

Nashville Job Market
New Jobs in Nashville

Minneapolis Job Market
Job Market Tough for Minneapolis Teens

Parenting Report
Give Earth Scouts a Try

Chicago Job Market
Fight for Worker’s Rights at Northwestern

Mormon Talk
Mormon Missionaries Robbed at Gunpoint

Coke Freestyle Machines

I know it’s completely against everything I stand for… but I so want to try one of these bad babies.

The Hungry Blogger
I So Want a Coke Freestyle Machine

Mormon Talk
Does Twilight Carry a Mormon Message?

Educational Book Club
Alphabet Under Construction

Folk Music Talk
Renewing Classic Childhood Songs and Rhymes


I’ll be doing a lot of this-and-that this week!

Pro-Choice Voters
National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers

Hubble Talk
2010 Eclipse Schedule

Mormon Talk
Mormonism, South Park-Style

I Won’t Be Crying for the Small Town Paper

American Girl Talk
Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Movie for All Ages

Home Ec 101

The other day I mentioned that I had animals on the brain… Well, today it seemed to be home economic stuff. Gotta be careful; the last time I had this kind of mindset I ended up buying everybody vitamins, demanding coaster usage and getting pregnant.

And just a little Charlotte’s Web exchange to brighten your day–very similar to something (or many somethings) that Sage and I have talked about:

Charlotte: I’m versatile.
Wilbur: Does versatile mean full of eggs?
Charlotte: Certainly not. Versatile means I can change with ease from one thing to another.

Don’t you think if every writer aspires to be like any other writer, that writer should be Charlotte? Me too.

Cosmetics Report
How to Buy Safe Cosmetics

New Baby Gifts
Co-Sleeper for New Cub Cuddling

Chocolate Report
The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

You Clean
Eco-Friendly Cleaners

Mormon Talk
8 Famous Mormons