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Happy New Year!

I am so sick this week, so I am posting in bulk. Have a wonderful New Year!

Single Father Talk
Making New Year’s Eve Special

Good Times Site
Getting Ready for 2012

At Home Working
Feng Shui for the New Year

Internet Mom News
Homeschooling As a Feminist Act

Divorced Singles
Mature Dating Sites are Working Too Hard

Medicine Report
Zicam is Amazing, If Taken Correctly

Country Talk
When Did Country Girl Become Synonymous with Pole Dancer?

Restaurant Job Market
Why is Country Music Played Everywhere?

Capitalist Voters League
Charging Fees to Pay Your Bill is Stupid

Arlington Book Club
Snow White, Blood Red

League of Capitalist Voters
Enough with the End of Year Donation Requests!

League of Childrens Services Voters
When You’re Both Sick

Queue With You
The Jetsons Movie: Cheesy Early 90s Goodness

Get Well Toys
Legos Are Already for Girls

League of Free Market Voters
Homeschoolers Should Not Endorse Ron Paul

Love Science and History? Check Out This Kids’ Magazine

Magazine Report
Stock Your Library with Kids Discover Magazine

Medicine Report
Drug Shortages are Killing Americans

Romantic Report
Have a Backup Plan for Watching The Backup Plan

Rental Talk
Goring Up Your Place for Halloween

Good Times
Your Highness

New Ocean Creatures Discovered

The first-ever ocean census revealed 20,000 new species.

Science Report
20,000 New Species of Ocean Life Discovered

Western Book Club
Javier Bardem to Star in Upcoming Dark Tower Film

New York Job Market
Third Month of Job Gains in a Row for New York

360 Blog
Sanctuary Star Founds Sanctuary for Kids

Animal Report
Tell MO: Don’t Repeal Prop B

Dallas Job Market
Jobless Rate Down in Texas

Construction Job Market
Tips for New Construction Workers

Computers Job Market
Interview with Computer Repairman

Pagan Journey
Computers Job Market
Interview with Computer Repairman

Cleveland Job Market
Work at Whirlpool

Medicine Report
Here Come the Superbugs

Gadgetry Report
Free Software Programs

Stop Sex Trafficking on Super Bowl Sunday

…and every other day of the year, of course. Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest child sex trafficking days of the year in America? Thousands of kids will be brought to Texas to be repeatedly raped this Sunday. Click below to find out what you can do to stand against this despicable practice.

Objectors US
Super Bowl: Biggest Child Sex Trafficking Event in America

Medicine Report
Speak Up Against Cat and Rabbit Mutilation

Adventure Book Club
Leven Thumps and the Eyes of the Want

Dessert Report
Foods to Serve on Valentine’s Day

Pittsburgh Sports Insider
Super Bowl Meal Deals

The Adventures of Leven Thumps Continue

Though I’m not as in love with this series as I am with The Hunger Games and Fablehaven, it remains an original, incredible adventure unlike any other you’ve ever read. I highly recommend Leven Thumps to any fantasy/adventure lover.

Adventure Book Club

Leven Thumps and the Whispered Secret

Medicine Report
Medical Films: Extraordinary Measures

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Little Prince

Recreation Book Club
How Flowers Grow

Just Call Me a Gleek

An Rx for Every Kid

The only prescription that every kid on earth (or almost every kid!) should have can be found below…

Medicine Report
An Rx for Every Child

Working and Parenting
Movie Watching for the Working Parent

Gadgetry Report
The Global Warming Bot You Wish You Had in Your Pocket

Apple Talk
Slash Your Inbox in Half

Help Victims of Domestic Abuse

Ask your representative to pass the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act.

Objectors US
Help Victims of Domestic Abuse

Vacation World
American Adventures Month

Medicine Report
Immunization Awareness Month

360 Blog
Will You Keep Buying at Target?

Pro-Choice Voters
Abortions for Under $5

Keeping Your Meds Cabinet Safe

First of all, lock it if you’ve got kids–and keep it out of reach!

And check out some ideas below, along with some other fun stories today… Is it just me, or are there a ton of good books (or sure-to-be good books) being released this year?

Cosmetics Report
Keeping Your Pits Sweet and Safe

Medicine Report
How to Stay on Top of Your Meds’ Safety Recalls

Strange Somethings
Under the Dome Coming in November

Real Book
Arch Enemy Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Movie Center
New Moon Trailer Available

Health Food Talk
Best Heart-Healthy Foods

Female Talk
Remembering Aunt Susan

Politics Report
Should English Be the “Official” Language of the United States?

Parenting Report
A License to Fish But Not to Spawn

Working and Parenting
Critical Thinking Skills Begin at Home

“Man, I Love Being a Turtle!”

turtleEvery time we go to rent a movie these days, my daughter wants the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVD–which, of course, she calls the “Inchy Turtles.” I’m always so torn–I loved them when I was a kid (maybe it’s genetic?) but after seeing them again, they seem really violent. I’ve settled for keeping them a now-and-then treat, something she can watch every once in a while, but definitely not as much as she watches Curious George or Ni Hao Kai-Lan (both at least weekly!).

Anyway, a great story on turtles today–I was pretty interested in how their shells are formed, and I hope you will be, too.

Turtle City
Turtle Shells Finally Explained

Whale City
Mini Guide to Whale Watching

Horse Forum
Just Say No to Horse Tripping… And Inbreeding

Rental Talk
Should Cities Be Able to Ban Smoking in Apartments?

Earth Talk
July is Smart Irrigation Month

Healthy and Hale
Romano’s Macaroni Grill Majorly Cuts Calories

Romantic Talk
5 Dates for Under 5 Bucks

Party Games
Free Party Games Part 3: Theme Charades

Medicine Report
Easter Island Compound to Extend Human Life?

Car Show
Cars to Be Started By Lasers

Parenting Report
The Only Book You’ll Need for an Entire Summer of Fun

Dog Report
Are You Smarter Than a 2-Year-Old?

Real Book
30 Things Everyone Should Know Before Turning 30

God Report
Gay Bishop Ban Removed?

Living To Do
The Wish List

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Difference a Day Makes

I also just wanted to say thanks so much for reading. Two of my articles, “The Best Paybacks Against Cartman” and “Don’t Mess with Russian Girls,” were the top-accessed articles last week, which makes me super happy (as Kai-Lan would say)! I really appreciate your readership. 🙂