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Many Meds Kids Use Not Tested on Kids in the First place

Knowing how many thousands of kids are on medication is already disheartening; knowing that many of these meds aren’t even tested for children is even scarier.

Medical Book Club
Were Your Child’s Meds Tested for Children?

Religious Voters League
Fringe Christian Warriors Killing for God

History Talk
Sex with Neanderthals Made Us Stronger

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “Rock of Ages”
Song of the Day: “Photograph”

Don’t Ban Kids From Restaurants

It’s not just not nice; it’s discriminatory.

Restaurant Talk
Banning Kids From Restaurants is Prejudicial and Unfair

Parenting Report
Families Suffer While the State Decides What is Best for Their Children

Parenting Book Club
Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, Part 1
Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun, Part 2

Model Talk
Aveda Wants Us To Ask for Real Women Models

Biography Book Club
You’ll Probably Buy Casey Anthony’s Book

Good Drinking
Makin’ Butterbeer

History Talk
Lost Continent Sinks Beneath Ocean

Protect Uncontacted Tribes

Illegal logging is threatening at least one tribe; please take action today to ensure their protection.

History Talk
Uncontacted Tribes Should Stay That Way

That 60s Blog
10 Completely Inappropriate, Irresistible Songs

Party Games
Playing Fairly with Children

Art Book Club
Shadow Tag

Picture Book Club
Crazy Hair

Tell Company to Stop Cruel Tests on Hamsters

With more government-approved humane, accurate methods available, why continue torturing animals?

Pet in the Pocket
Tell Colorado Serum Company to Stop Torturing Hamsters

Tide Commercial Fail

History Talk
Abraham Lincoln–Finally Proven to Have Been Gay?

Healthy and Hale
If You Want to Smell Trees, Go Outside!

Working and Parenting
“PG” Does Not Equal “Free Violence Pass”

Study Shows Cleaning Products May Cause Cancer

No surprise there…

You Clean
A Clean House Isn’t Worth Breast Cancer

Restaurant Talk
National Drive-Thru Day

History Talk
Body of Female Gladiator Discovered

Toxic Waste Cloud
Leo Gallagher is a Bigot, Among Other Things

Pro-Choice Voters
Global Media Awards Accepting Entries