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Are you registered?

voteI’m not currently working for any drives this year, but I can still help you if you need to get registered to vote. Just let me know.

Help Me Blogger
September is Shameless Promotion Month

Real Book
Wicked is Wickedly Disturbing and Delightful

Artista Blog
Enter the Best of WetCanvas Contest
October is Right Brainers Rule Month

360 Blog
Remember to Register to Vote Week
National Bullying Awareness Week

TV World
Why Do We Love Law and Order: SVU?

September is Pleasure Your Mate Month

Not that anyone needs the excuse of a month-long holiday to do that…

360 Blog
Tell Congress: End Hunger Now

Jewelry Report
How to Buy Green and Fair Trade Jewelry

Help Me Blogger
Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips for Writers

Craft World
Playing with Fiber Arts

Healthy and Hale
Pleasure Your Mate Month

Take a Stand for Green Jobs

people-planetVisit Green for All and pledge to help the environment and the economy by supporting green jobs. Then, create your own green jobs pic!

Also, if any fledgling writers out there decide to start their own blog on one of the sites I’ve got featured in the blogging article below, I’ll be happy to add you to my blogroll. 🙂

Help Me Blogger
Where to Host Your Blog

Mormon Talk
Morman Farmer Feeds the Needy

Peace Report
Twitter Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Breyer Horse Talk
New Breyer Horse Model Created!