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“ONE Man and ONE Woman”

If I hear this phrase or see it on someone’s beat up pickup truck one more time, I’m going to become a polygamist.

Q Posts
“One Man and One Woman,” Really?

Engineering Job Market
Xerox to Outsource Jobs

Fresno Job Market
Fresno Unemployment Still High, But Dropping

Government Job Market
Government Job Losses are Mostly at the Community Level

Fort Worth Job Market
Hundreds of Jobs in Fort Worth Through GE Transportation

Honolulu Job Market
Hawaii Unemployment Rate Falls to 6 Percent

Healthcare Job Market
Healthcare Jobs are Hottest Careers

Houston Job Market
Job Growth Slows in Houston

Indianapolis Job Market
Best Buy Lays Off Workers in Indiana

Information Technology Job Market
Hundreds of Jobs Through IBM

Internet Job Market
Working From Home Perks and Pitfalls

Insurance Job Market
Is It Worth It?

Great News Blog
The Joys of Being Old and Married… With Children

Blissful Vows
OK, MIL, I Get It

Jacksonville Job Market
Jacksonville Jobless Rate Under Ten Percent

Kansas City Job Market
Search Kansas City Career Builder for Jobs

April is Full of Awesomeness

Don’t believe me? Read about a few of the cool artistic challenges this month below (as well as in some of my previous posts).

Health Food Talk
South Korea Outlaws Junk Ads Aimed at Kids

Today’s Special
April is International School Spirit Season

Peace Report
Study Finds Spanked Children to Be More Aggressive

Parenting Report
Going with the Whole Child Approach

Today’s Special
Other Than Tax Day…

Government Job Market
Citizens Call for Wall Street Tax, New Jobs on April 15

Creative Copy #32 is live as well! I had Sexual Assault Awareness Month on my mind, just as a warning…

Also, yet another incredibly fun challenge: In a Sentence on Facebook is a blast! Every day, you get one word to use in a sentence; at the end of the day, winners are selected. Each month, everyone gets points tallied up and the people with the most points win prizes. But the most fun is writing the most imaginative sentence you can and enjoying the others posted! 🙂