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It’s all we hoped it would be…

Walt Disney Talk
Pixar’s Brave is What We’ve Been Waiting For

Children Talk
Pixar’s La Luna

Film Industry Trivia
Brave Myths Debunked, Part 1
Brave Myths Debunked, Part 2

Fresno Book Club
Give Me Your Heart, by Joyce Carol Oates

Self-Help Book Club
Stand Up for Your Life

Glade Products: Made with Gross Gunk

Ask them to take their nasty ingredients out below.

You Clean
Tell Glade to Quit Gagging Us

School Fest
You Want the Bus Driver to Put His Hands Where?

Politics Report
Getting Divorced? No Sex for You!

Vacation World
Visit Michigan. Or, You Know, Just Live Your Life

Living to Do
Make a Summer Bucket List

Movie Center
Do You Use the Bechdel Test?

God Report
Want to Play Around with Rapture Day?

Parenting Book Club
To Baby or Not to Baby?

Female Talk
Canada’s New Anti-Rape Campaign Puts Responsibility Where It Belongs

Film Industry Trivia
Something Borrowed is Another Mindless, Insulting Movie

April is Grilled Cheese Month

Craving one yet?

Today’s Special
April is Grilled Cheese Month

Health Food Talk
Culinary Adventure: Try a New Pear

Peace Report
Poverty Tourism: A Disturbing Trend

Writer’s Remorse
I’ll Work From Home, Thanks

Manufacturing Job Market
Interview with Manufacturing Worker

Dog Report
Take Action: Ask the EPA to Stop Poisoning Wild Dogs

Fiction Book Club
Top 10 Frequently Challenged Books in 2010 Released

Atlanta Job Market
Foreign Businesses Set Up Shop in Atlanta

Nashville Flowers
Pretty Native Nashville Blooms

Film Industry Trivia
All 3-D Movies Soon? I Hope Not

Colorado Springs Job Market
10,000 Jobs to Be Available in Loveland

Fun Facts About TMNT

Another fun fact I didn’t list: I was so freaked out by Donatello’s eyes following me from my TMNT movie poster as a kid that I erased them. They were subsequently even freakier.

Film Industry Trivia
Fun Facts About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tree Worshiper
10 Ways to Reduce Your Garbage Output

Working and Parenting
The Village School: Where Kids Can Laugh and Play Like Kids

Cat Talk
Don’t Punish Your Cats for Clawing Stuff

Parenting Report
Being THAT Person

Take Action for Elephants

elephantFind out all the details for this weekend’s huge action day for elephants below, as well as some other fun stuff.

I’m not a sicko if I’ve sort of got a crush on Hellboy, am I? 🙂

360 Blog
Biggest Day of Action for Elephants Ever!

Family Guy Talk
Bruce, the Token Gay Guy

Film Industry Trivia
Hellboy Bloopers

Earth Talk
June 17: World Day to Combat Deforestation and Drought

Working and Parenting
Recess at Work Day

Animal Mania

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been sick all weekend and watching the science and discovery channels (giant sloths, Planet Earth, ape people…) or not, but much of today’s content has to do with animals.

And if I’ve learned one thing from today’s research, it’s that everyone should brush up on their fire safety skills.

Horse Forum
Racehorses = Dog Food

Bulldog Talk
Bulldog with Cancer Dies a Hero

Cat Talk
Older Cats Need Love, Too

Pet in the Pocket
Sugar Bears as Pets

Dog Report
Chihuahua Mix Saves Owner From Fire

German Shepherd Talk
German Shepherd Rescue Suffers From Fire

Weird Animal Report
Ground Sloths: Giants of the Ancient World

Turtle City
This Week in Turtle News

Film Industry Trivia
Die Hard… Laughing

Party Games
Free Party Games, Part 2: Scavenger Hunt