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The Truth About Orange Juice

A friend passed this disturbing information along today, and I’m pretty bummed because I’m a big OJ drinker.

Health Food Talk
The Truth About Orange Juice

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “The Galway Girl”

Romantic Talk
Don’t Bother With Life As We Know It

Fiction Book Club
Push: A Novel By Sapphire

Gadgetry Report
How to Power Wash a Deck

Fantasy Book Club
Fire Within Leaves Much to Be Desired

Romance Book Club
Stargirl is an Adorable Read

American Girl Talk
Fun, Free, American Girl Crafts at Michael’s The Knack

April is Grilled Cheese Month

Craving one yet?

Today’s Special
April is Grilled Cheese Month

Health Food Talk
Culinary Adventure: Try a New Pear

Peace Report
Poverty Tourism: A Disturbing Trend

Writer’s Remorse
I’ll Work From Home, Thanks

Manufacturing Job Market
Interview with Manufacturing Worker

Dog Report
Take Action: Ask the EPA to Stop Poisoning Wild Dogs

Fiction Book Club
Top 10 Frequently Challenged Books in 2010 Released

Atlanta Job Market
Foreign Businesses Set Up Shop in Atlanta

Nashville Flowers
Pretty Native Nashville Blooms

Film Industry Trivia
All 3-D Movies Soon? I Hope Not

Colorado Springs Job Market
10,000 Jobs to Be Available in Loveland

Creative Copy #100!

This super cool writing project marks its 100th challenge today! If you have a moment, please join in.

Creative Copy Challenge
Challenge #100, inspired by the many Pride and Prejudice lovers I know

Also, I read the most amazing book ever today. My tolerant husband was kind enough to care for our kiddo while I spent all afternoon on this incredible read. (I think he knows how much more alive and happy I am once I get a book under my belt every week.) I’m now eagerly awaiting the sequel from the long library waiting list…

Fiction Book Club
Why Read Twilight When There are Hunger Games?

Seattle Flowers
Snowberry Shrubs

I Love HP and the Deathly Hallows!

I never thought I’d say that I loved another Harry Potter film since all of them, since Prisoner of Azkaban, have disappointed me, but I say this without reservation: Deathly Hallows Part 1 is pretty damn awesome.

Fiction Book Club
Deathly Hallows: An Actual Awesome Adaptation

Living to Do
Change Your Mind

Make a Halloween Advent Calendar

This is one of our favorite activities of the season.

Craft World
Make a Halloween Advent Calendar

Fiction Book Club
The High King

Liquid Sexy
Hot Apple Cider Recipes

Working and Parenting
Cheap ‘N Easy Halloween Costumes

Diabetic Talk
Ask the Senate to Help People with Diabetes