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RIP, Amy Winehouse

Such a sad day, and what a tragic loss for the music world.

Pop Music Club
Rest in Peace, Amy Winehouse

X-Men: First Class Comic is Disappointing at Best

Fantasy Book Club
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

English Book Club
I Can’t Stop Watching Easy A

See Ya, Borders

Cook Book Club
Have You Checked Out Chef Madison?

Veggie Cooking and Shakespeare

brain gamesMy next few posts are going to be about lots different of books. Hopefully you’ll find a good read or two in the mix!

Cook Book Club
The Vegetarian Family Cookbook

Educational Book Club
Positive Discipline in the Classroom

English Book Club
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Environmental Book Club
Eating to Save the Earth

Game Book Club
The Big Book of Brain Games