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Take Action for Elephants

elephantFind out all the details for this weekend’s huge action day for elephants below, as well as some other fun stuff.

I’m not a sicko if I’ve sort of got a crush on Hellboy, am I? 🙂

360 Blog
Biggest Day of Action for Elephants Ever!

Family Guy Talk
Bruce, the Token Gay Guy

Film Industry Trivia
Hellboy Bloopers

Earth Talk
June 17: World Day to Combat Deforestation and Drought

Working and Parenting
Recess at Work Day


Support and Relief for Working Families

A few action items in today’s posts. If you’re moved, please take action for GLBT families, elephants in Africa, working families needing childcare support and more.

360 Blog
The Reuniting Families Act

Animal Report
Baby Elephants in Danger

Female Talk
Dr. Shot for Saving Men’s Lives

Meat Report
Buying Humane Meat

Peace Report
Death Penalty Repealed in New Mexico

Real Book
So Sharp the Pages Bite

Solidarity House
Nationwide Party to End Global Warming

Spirituality Bestsellers
The Life Organizer

Mortgage Rates on the Rise

Working and Parenting
Family Tax Relief Act