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Damian McGinty

…is such a cutie!

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “Ireland’s Call”
Song of the Day: “Love Story”

Diabetic Talk
Reduce Your Diabetes Risk by Building Muscle Mass

Albuquerque Music
Get Your Guitar From Marc’s

Birthing Books
Mothering Magazine’s Having a Baby Naturally

Automobile Book Club
How to Draw Cars Like a Pro, 2nd Edition


Storing Christmas

Here are a few tips on storing your Christmas goodies away for the year.

Have a wonderful New Year!

You Clean
Storing Christmas

Chinese Book Club
Round is a Mooncake

Living To Do

Make an Easy Resolution

Diabetic Talk
10 Years From Now, 50% of Us Will Have Diabetes

Make a Halloween Advent Calendar

This is one of our favorite activities of the season.

Craft World
Make a Halloween Advent Calendar

Fiction Book Club
The High King

Liquid Sexy
Hot Apple Cider Recipes

Working and Parenting
Cheap ‘N Easy Halloween Costumes

Diabetic Talk
Ask the Senate to Help People with Diabetes

Do I Look Like Your Maid?

costumesAhh, if only we knew when we were kids that someday we’d be thinking–or even saying–the same thing…

You Clean
All is (Un)Fair in Love and Cleaning
Organize Your Medical Information Month

Diabetic Talk
Exercise to Control Your Diabetes

Dessert Report
National Caramel Month

Parenting Report
Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Healthy & Hale
National Roller Skating Month
How to Drink More Water

South Park Talk
South Park: Worthy of an Emmy or Two