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The Spirit, Barbie and Gollum

No real theme today–mostly just fun stuff!

Noir Movie
The Spirit

360 Blog
Matt Damon on the Importance of Water Access

Healthy and Hale
Dairy Alternative Month, Part II: Cheese

Health Food Talk
Food, Inc. Takes on America’s Food System

Barbie Fest
Using Barbie for a Positive Body Image

Whale City
Sperm Whales Make Great Babysitters

Strange Somethings
Kid Hit By Meteor Lives to Tell the Tale

Weird Animal Report
Ooh, It’s Raining Frogs, Yeah

Solidarity House
Thousands March for Child Abuse Victims

Diabetic Talk
New Risk Factor Found for Diabetes

Gollum in the A.M.
To Pele
We’re an American Brand

Beatles Rock Band

Dare I say there’s a video game out there calling my name? There’s always a first for everything…

Healthy and Hale
Free the Condoms!

Animal Report
Celebs Go Naked to Save Bluefin Tuna

The Bright Side of Printicide

The Beatles Talk
The Beatles: Rock Band

Health Food Talk
Dairy Alternative Month, Part I: Milk