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Stupid, Crazy Love

…is one of the best movies of the year!

Fun Report
Crazy, Stupid Love is Crazy, Stupid, and Wonderful

Noir Movie
Let Me In is a Must-See

Cooking Badly
Homemade Biscuits and Gravy

Movie Center
Ramona and Beezus is What We’re Looking For

Denver Music
Song of the Day: “Iris”

Do Lobsters Really Have to Be Cooked Alive?

What kind of sick puppies are we anyway to cook our food alive? Most carnivores have the decency to put their kills out of their misery first.

Seafood Talk
Why Do Lobsters Have to Be Boiled Alive?

Beer Report
Searching for a Good Flavored Beer

Chocolate Report
Take Dad to the Melting Pot

Cooking Badly
Raw Onions as a Snack

The Thinner Me
Reclaiming the F Word

Latte Talk
Iced Coffee Makers! Squee!

Good Drinking
Armadillo Punch

Champagne Report
Attend a Champagne Tasting

Cookiejar Talk
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars