In Japan, They Call Them Girly Men

I call them an example of equal rights. What do you think about men who want to be stay-at-home dads? If it works for the relationship in an equal partnership, I say go for it!

(Okay, so my husband will tell you that I’ve told him, “A real man eats chicken wings and drinks large Cokes!” on occasion when he’s ordered a Hawaiian Punch at the movie theater. Well, guess what? I regret saying such a thing because that’s all he will eat now and it’s driving me nuts!)

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended

Japanese Politics & Culture
New Wave of Japanese “Girly Men” Want to Be Housewives

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
Holiday Air Travel Fees Continue to Rise

Solidarity House
40 Years Later, We’re Still Singing “Give Peace a Chance”

Paper Making
Spend Time, Not Money This Christmas

Baby Massage
Cautions to Consider During Prenatal Massage

1000 Dollar Film
Tips for Natural Dialogue Use
More Tips for Natural Dialogue Use


Kids These Days

300px-Owen_and_MzeeToday’s topics actually all have a theme, for once–most of them are about young people. Perhaps my impending birthday next week has me wishing for younger years?

Parenting Report
Save Funding for Early Childhood Education
Homeschooling: A Social Stigma or An Edge Above the Rest?

The Movie Center
Role Models: A Surprisingly Good Film

Adventure Book Club
The Song of the Lioness: A Powerful Adventure for Girls

Animal Book Club
Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship

Did a Child Die for Your Diamond?

diamondsIt might sound like a phrase for shock value, but it really is entirely possible. Fortunately, there are things we can do to help stop child exploitation.

360 Blog
Protect Kids From Exploitation

Parenting Report
Inflatables: Kid Fun or Parental Nightmare?

Strange Somethings
Online Seance Held By Twitter Tries to Reach Michael Jackson

Animal Report
Over 1 Million Bats Die of “White Noise Syndrome”

The Movie Center
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is Fun for the Whole Family

Interested in Movie Making?

Be sure to follow the film blog below for some tips on low budge film making.

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
Large Loan Extensions Called for By Real Estate Groups

Japanese Politics & Culture
Spread of Flu Causes Japan to Close Schools

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
Pilots Forget to Land Their Plane

Solidarity House
House Parties to Be Held in Solidarity of Equal Rights

Paper Making
Keeping Safety in Mind While Making Paper

Baby Massage
Celebrities Who Use Baby Massage

1000 Dollar Film
Add a Hitchcock Twist to Your Movie
More Hitchcock Twist-Making

Looking for Employment?

archA lot of people are. Hopefully some of the information below will be of some help.

Charlotte Job Market
Job Outlook in Charlotte Not Solid But Hopeful

Columbus Job Market
Jobless Rate Declines in Columbus

El Paso Job Market
Job Gains and Losses in El Paso

Fort Worth Job Market
Farmer’s Markets Growing in Fort Worth

Indianapolis Job Market
Indianapolis Economy Ready for a Comeback?

Kansas City Job Market
Construction Jobs Down in Kansas City

Memphis Job Market
College Students in Memphis Prepare for the Business World

Milwaukee Job Market
College Kids in Milwaukee Fear a Bleak Job Market

Nashville Job Market
New Prediction for 2012: Nashville Recovery

New Orleans Job Market
New Orleans Down 1100 Jobs

Oklahoma City Job Market
Oklahoma City’s Jobless Rate Among the Lowest in the Country

Omaha Job Market
Meatpacking is a Dangerous Gig in Nebraska

Phoenix Job Market
Teachers to Be Laid Off in Phoenix

St. Louis Job Market
St. Louis Nurses “Shielded” From Tough Economy

Virginia Beach Job Market
Master’s Degree: New Qualification for Scooping Ice Cream?

Real Book
ArchEnemy a Disappointing Finale

Falling for Fall

Isn’t this one of the most adorable songs ever?

360 Blog
Put an End to Child Marriages

Working and Parenting
November is Family Stories Month
Set Those Clocks Back and Enjoy the Fall

Parenting Report
November is International Percussion Month

Healthy and Hale
Keep Lung Cancer at Bay

Living to Do
Write a Novel

The Hungry Blogger
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

Campus Report
National Scholarship Month Checklist

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