Picture Books and More

eggAnother batch of books! 🙂

Picture Book Club
First the Egg

Psychology Book Club
Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment

Recreation Book Club
Have Some Fun in the Dirt

Reference Book Club
Quick Access Reference for Writers

Religion Book Club
Faith and Will: Weathering the Storms in Our Spiritual Lives

Spy Book Club
I Spy is a National Phenomenon

Travel Book Club
Lonley Planet Makes the World Anything But

Birthing Book Club
The Birth Book: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Safe and Satisfying Birth


Books on Parenting, Gardening, Health

last childMore book reviews!

Garden Book Club
Garden Witchery: Magick From the Ground Up

Health Book Club
101 Foods That Could Save Your Life

Home Book Club
Trading Spaces $100 to $1000 Makeovers

Music Book Club
Chanting: Discovering the Spirit in Sound

Mystery Book Club
The Colorado Kid

Outdoor Book Club
The Last Child in the Woods

Parenting Book Club
Why Motor Skills Matter

Veggie Cooking and Shakespeare

brain gamesMy next few posts are going to be about lots different of books. Hopefully you’ll find a good read or two in the mix!

Cook Book Club
The Vegetarian Family Cookbook

Educational Book Club
Positive Discipline in the Classroom

English Book Club
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Environmental Book Club
Eating to Save the Earth

Game Book Club
The Big Book of Brain Games

That Could’ve Been My Photo

tuxedoI’ve been fond of dressing in “traditional boys’ clothing” my entire life. My mother couldn’t get me to wear a dress; she said that even as a child, I always dressed myself as if I was “about to go hunting.”

My junior year, I went to dances wearing dress pants and ties; I shaved my head near the end of the year for the fun of it and my senior picture features red spikes. OK, they were sort of girly spikes, but they were spikes just the same. If my school had refused to put my picture in the yearbook on such grounds, I probably wouldn’t have cared much; however, that doesn’t make it okay to do–and most seniors are pretty interested in their yearbook picture.

That Gay Blog
Student Denied Picture in School Yearbook

360 Blog
Take the Food Stamp Challenge

Architecture Book Club
101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

Art Book Club
The Cranium Big Book of Outrageous Fun Makes an Artist Out of Everyone

Automobile Book Club
Automotive Technology: Principles, Diagnosis and Service

What is a Mechanical Patent?
What is a Fusible Plug?
What is Gum Arabic?
What is a Fingerprint Scanner?
What is a Plumber Apprenticeship?
What is Cardioversion?

Natonal Men Make Dinner Day

men make dinnerGuys, it’s time to whip out your best recipes–or follow the mac ‘n cheese box directions down to the last detail, however the case may be. 😉

Working and Parenting
Today is National Men Make Dinner Day

Campus Report
Use Learn Out Loud as Your Learning Resource

Strange Somethings
Poe Fans Give The Raven’s Writer a Reburial

Vegetarian Talk
Win a Turkey Sponsorship for Your Veggie Classroom

That Gay Blog
Maine Says No to Gay Marriage on Election Day

In Japan, They Call Them Girly Men

I call them an example of equal rights. What do you think about men who want to be stay-at-home dads? If it works for the relationship in an equal partnership, I say go for it!

(Okay, so my husband will tell you that I’ve told him, “A real man eats chicken wings and drinks large Cokes!” on occasion when he’s ordered a Hawaiian Punch at the movie theater. Well, guess what? I regret saying such a thing because that’s all he will eat now and it’s driving me nuts!)

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended

Japanese Politics & Culture
New Wave of Japanese “Girly Men” Want to Be Housewives

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
Holiday Air Travel Fees Continue to Rise

Solidarity House
40 Years Later, We’re Still Singing “Give Peace a Chance”

Paper Making
Spend Time, Not Money This Christmas

Baby Massage
Cautions to Consider During Prenatal Massage

1000 Dollar Film
Tips for Natural Dialogue Use
More Tips for Natural Dialogue Use

Kids These Days

300px-Owen_and_MzeeToday’s topics actually all have a theme, for once–most of them are about young people. Perhaps my impending birthday next week has me wishing for younger years?

Parenting Report
Save Funding for Early Childhood Education
Homeschooling: A Social Stigma or An Edge Above the Rest?

The Movie Center
Role Models: A Surprisingly Good Film

Adventure Book Club
The Song of the Lioness: A Powerful Adventure for Girls

Animal Book Club
Owen & Mzee: The True Story of a Remarkable Friendship

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