Cervical Cancer, Pirates & Hispanic Heritage

castanetA little bit ‘o everything…

Parenting Report
Childhood Injury Prevention Month
Children’s Tylenol Recalled
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

The Movie Center
Pride and Glory Has Neither
Sunshine Cleaning: A Fun and Meaningful Film
Pirates 4 Announced

Female Talk
September 30 is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day
Become a Cervical Cancer & HPV Awareness Ambassador


Flying To Cost Higher During Holidays This Year

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
How to Find a Trustworthy Real Estate Agent

Japanese Politics & Culture
Japan Seeks More Foreign Students

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
U.S. Airlines Try to Make a Buck on Holiday Fares

Solidarity House
Brad Pitt Acknowledged for Katrina Aid Efforts

Paper Making
Hand Papermaking, Inc. to Hold Luncheon in Boston

Baby Massage
Finding a Baby Massage Class

1000 Dollar Film
Making a Green Movie
How to Make a Cheap Green Screen

Sage Saves Jack and Sally’s Christmas

jackA few weeks ago I mentioned Sage’s favorite bedtime story, which she calls “Christmas Eve,” and a few people expressed interest in it. I thought I’d type it out to share it with you, though it does typically change a little every night.

We usually make up at least one new story that revolves around something we did that day during naptime–but this has become a bedtime standard!

Sage Saves Jack and Sally’s Christmas

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Be a Part of Pinwheels for Peace

It’s a pretty cool project to support world peace! Find out more below.

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
New Law to Help Real Estate Developers

Japanese Politics & Culture
Public High School to Be Free in Japan

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
The Prime Date for Booking Holiday Travel is… Today

Solidarity House
Global Community Unites through Pinwheels for Peace

Paper Making
Using Paper in Non-Paper Products

Baby Massage
The Benefits of Postpartum Massage

1000 Dollar Film
Cheap Special Effects, Part 1
Cheap Special Effects, Part 2

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Think you absolutely haven’t? Bet you have–and your kids, too! Check out the natural ways to get high below that are perfectly legal.

Living To Do
Legally Get High

360 Blog
Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week

Working and Parenting
Backpack Safety Month

Healthy and Hale
Throw Out Your Television

Parenting Report
Fun Ways to Eat Your Vegetables

What is a Balancing Machine?
How Do I Fix a Blown Head Gasket?

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