More Things to Do, See, Think About and Stuff

dog shelterGod, October has a lot of observances… Share with July a little, won’t you, Octubre? Sheesh.

The Hungry Blogger
Chili Month

Healthy & Hale
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dog Report
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month


Animals Going Extinct More Rapidly Than We Thought

extinctionSpeaking of extinction, I read the other day how some scientists are claiming that about one third of identified dinosaurs may not be separate species, but baby dinosaurs of already previously identified species!

They claim that the lizards changed so much during their lifespans that they might not be separate species. Pretty interesting food for thought, eh?

Healthy and Hale
National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Working and Parenting
National School Bus Safety Week

You Clean
Keep Your Home From Smelling Like a CSI Decomp

Animal Report
Species Extinctions Cause for a Concern

Freaky Phenomena
Jack the Ripper Identified?

What is a Tag Cloud?
What is a Block Pallet?

Share When You Can

cannedIf you can afford it, how about sharing a few canned goods with your local food pantry this week–or whenever you can?

360 Blog
National Food Bank Week

Earth Talk
World Rainforest Week

Peace Report
Freedom From Bullies Week

Parenting Report
National Chemistry Week

How Do I Increase My Asbestos Safety?
What is Asphalt Sealant?
What are the Best Methods for Mushroom Cultivation?
What is a Gentian?
What are the Most Common Eating Disorder Symptoms?

How to Make Your Own Mini-Me

fearHaving a child is on the Living To Do Lists of many people… but there are more than one ways to skin a cat have a kid, you know.

Living To Do
Replicate Yourself
Face Your Fears

Pagan Journey
10 Things to Do in October

Dentist Report
October is National Dental Hygiene Month

360 Blog
Celebrate Emergency Nurses Week

Health Food Talk
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

That Blank, Open-Mouthed, Glazed Expression…

pastaWhile I’d like to think I’ll never do it, today the fleeting thought (albeit while I was half asleep) passed through my brain… Would you ever put a television in your child’s room? Why or why not?

Parenting Report
Would You Put a TV in Your Kid’s Room?

360 Blog
Is it Better to Give Time or Money?

Air Force Talk
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Leaves Women Unemployed

Working and Parenting
How Do You Define Quality Time?
October is National Eat Better and Eat Together Month

The Hungry Blogger
October is National Pasta Month

New Real Estate Fraud Bill–And it’s Bipartisan!

Aw, we can all play nice together after all.

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
Senate Strives to Stop Real Estate Fraud

Japanese Politics & Culture
Japanese Elderly Population Prone to Alcoholism?

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
Environmentalists Call for Greener Skies

Solidarity House
Will Smith to Host Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Paper Making
How to Make Paper Mache

Baby Massage
Give the Gift of Baby Massage

1000 Dollar Film
Famous Low-Budget Films
How to Draw a Storyboard

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