Mosquitoes Suck

Good for dino DNA and... yeah, that's it.
Good for dino DNA and... yeah, that's it.

But otherwise, I freaking hate mosquitoes. There aren’t many things that I hate; raw onions, bigotry and public school history lessons top the list. But above all of the things that I can’t stand are these buzzy little buggers that ruin otherwise perfectly good days outside. I’m hoping that some of the natural vampire mosquito repellents that I ran across below will help me; maybe they’ll help you, too.

Healthy and Hale
Natural Ways to Nix Mosquitoes

Animal Report
Jellyfish and Friends are Greener Than You

Parenting Report
Breastfeeding Tips for Nursing Troubles

A Taste of Summer

crayonsCan you believe it’s already August? What a fast summer. I dread the day my wood sprite goes back to preschool. Yes, she loves it, and yes, it’s terrific for her, but I’ll miss her so much!

In the meantime, we still have a few weeks of summer left to enjoy the following activities.

Health Food Talk
Health Benefits of Peaches

Craft World
8 Crafts to Make with Seashells

Parenting Report
7 Activities to Do with Summer Seashells

Working and Parenting
School Supplies Shopping Time!

360 Blog
Support the Toxic Substances Control Act

Mortgage Fraud, Friendlier Skies & Dryer Lint Creations

In some of my research today I found some awesome uses for dryer lint. I don’t think I’ll ever throw ours out again! I knew about the composting, but I never thought about using it for clay, paper or packing material.

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
Mortgage Fraud Schemes Result in Charges of $40 Million

Japanese Politics & Culture
Child Abuse Cases Climbing in Japan

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
Experts Weigh In on How to Make Flights More Pleasant

Solidarity House
4th Celebrity Auction for Darfur Launches Today

Paper Making
How to Make Paper with Dryer Lint

1000 Dollar Film
How to Get a Free Movie Script
Casting Actors on the Cheap

How to Organize, Survive & Help Other People

filesFor some reason, today was focused on a lot of how-to stuff. I guess I’m feeling a bit bossy!

Romantic Talk
Be Kids Together

360 Blog
How to Become a Mentor

New Baby Gifts
Give the Gift of a Medical Notebook

Rental Talk
Tips for Surviving with a Roommate

Campus Report
Short Guide to Being a Campus Organizer

Keeping Your Meds Cabinet Safe

First of all, lock it if you’ve got kids–and keep it out of reach!

And check out some ideas below, along with some other fun stories today… Is it just me, or are there a ton of good books (or sure-to-be good books) being released this year?

Cosmetics Report
Keeping Your Pits Sweet and Safe

Medicine Report
How to Stay on Top of Your Meds’ Safety Recalls

Strange Somethings
Under the Dome Coming in November

Real Book
Arch Enemy Coming Soon to a Bookstore Near You

Movie Center
New Moon Trailer Available

Health Food Talk
Best Heart-Healthy Foods

Female Talk
Remembering Aunt Susan

Politics Report
Should English Be the “Official” Language of the United States?

Parenting Report
A License to Fish But Not to Spawn

Working and Parenting
Critical Thinking Skills Begin at Home

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