New Real Estate Fraud Bill–And it’s Bipartisan!

Aw, we can all play nice together after all.

Mortgages and Real Estate: News and Opinion
Senate Strives to Stop Real Estate Fraud

Japanese Politics & Culture
Japanese Elderly Population Prone to Alcoholism?

Maersk Air – Charter Airline
Environmentalists Call for Greener Skies

Solidarity House
Will Smith to Host Nobel Peace Prize Concert

Paper Making
How to Make Paper Mache

Baby Massage
Give the Gift of Baby Massage

1000 Dollar Film
Famous Low-Budget Films
How to Draw a Storyboard

Parenting Stories

bunnyAre you as embarrassing a parent as you think your own parents were? Respond to the article below and share your most embarrassing stories.

Parenting Report
The Benefits of Putting Puzzles Together
What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Done as a Parent?
A Great Book for Sexist, Superstitious and Outdated Homeschoolers!

Healthy and Hale
How to Naturally Fight Off Allergies

Pet in the Pocket
Psycho Rabbits Go After Snakes

Are you registered?

voteI’m not currently working for any drives this year, but I can still help you if you need to get registered to vote. Just let me know.

Help Me Blogger
September is Shameless Promotion Month

Real Book
Wicked is Wickedly Disturbing and Delightful

Artista Blog
Enter the Best of WetCanvas Contest
October is Right Brainers Rule Month

360 Blog
Remember to Register to Vote Week
National Bullying Awareness Week

TV World
Why Do We Love Law and Order: SVU?

Coupon Clippers Unite

scissorsAin’t nothing wrong with saving some money, people.

Working and Parenting
Update Your Resume Month
September is National Coupon Month

Whale City
Greenpeace Offers Student Activist Training

Weird Animal Report
Freaky Footed Snake Found

Vegetarian Talk
Vegetarian Being Kept Alive with a Pig’s Heart

Turtle City
5 Men Arrested for Blowing Up a Turtle

You Clean
Cut Your Paper Trail with Junkbusters

Cervical Cancer, Pirates & Hispanic Heritage

castanetA little bit ‘o everything…

Parenting Report
Childhood Injury Prevention Month
Children’s Tylenol Recalled
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

The Movie Center
Pride and Glory Has Neither
Sunshine Cleaning: A Fun and Meaningful Film
Pirates 4 Announced

Female Talk
September 30 is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day
Become a Cervical Cancer & HPV Awareness Ambassador

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