The Tuesday Currents

Is anyone else jumping ahead or thinking it’s still January 10 every day? What even is this time loop? Other than that, right now I’m…

celebrating lower blood pressure and other improving numbers. I’m crediting most of it to sleep.

watching Everything Everywhere All at Once (YES!!) and Bros (which was cute). Can we have 900 projects featuring Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan next? I love them together so much.

having a parking lot date with Indy complete with a live violinist

re-reading Rest is Resistance for book club

helping Indy with meeting logistics. This month he’s more political than I am!

surviving Zuul. Seriously. Perimenopause that still features painful periods? No thanks.

finishing up my second newsletter for work and really liking it

listening to Beyonce’s Renaissance. I have a whole list of albums that came out last year I’m catching up on. What is a must-hear on yours?

getting up in the middle of this post to have a dance party with the critters due to the last item

wrangling the kitten. OMG, I was not ready for this fuzzy toddler, and neither were my critters. She’s so sweet and cute when she’s asleep or cuddly. The rest of the day, she’s a feral beast.

wrapping up another chapter in service to open new doors. It’s exciting and bittersweet but my family is ready.

working on my Advocates Academy work and pleasantly surprised to find out that I’ve already completed many hours on my own during other classes

cleaning out little nooks and crannies and feeling more organized

drinking All the Water. Having the heat on really dries my eyes out and chugging way more than I think I need helps so much. So does using ocean water flavor.

What are you up to this week?


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