Reparations Friday

πŸ’œIt’s Friday! Reparations Day!πŸ’œ

I wanted to write a post listing some reasons to give reparations and should not have googled what others have already written. 😦 I’d like to issue a cw for some violent racism if you look it up yourself. So here are some reasons to give reparations:

1. If you’re an abolitionist, you know abolition is about changing everything, including ourselves. Reparations are a part of living abolition and changing things in our own surroundings–particularly harmful systems of oppression. That leads to the next reason:

2. The average yt family has 10 times the wealth of the average Black family. This is by. Design. Don’t believe me? Look up Black Wall Street cities. Black folks thrive by their own innovation, work, and joy–when they’re not impeded by violence and oppression. Yt violence has destroyed dozens of wealthy Black cities. (CW Violence) You probably already know about Tulsa by now (hopefully) but there are SO many cities. Look up Central Park. Start with this list.

3. Community giving results in folks receiving direct support for immediate needs so folks can flourish. Your donations go to what’s needed most in the community rather than to big organizations that may not use donations that way. I’m going to go back to this beautiful Reparations Roundtable Patreon quote: “Sometimes the little ripples of change we strive to create give the Black MaGes we assist the agency to determine their own path in life. And when Black MaGes are able to thrive, amazing things can happen.” Some amazing things I’ve seen range from folks getting jobs, obtaining business support, survivors getting housing and SO much more.

4. “If each citizen shifted even 1% of their annual charitable donations, redefining them instead as reparations, $4.2BB could be raised for reparations in one year.” More info:

5. A lot of reparations work is organized by Black organizers who make sure the funds go to trans folks, femmes, BIPOC mamas, and GNC MaGes in crisis with the goal of stability in mind. Following Black leadership and voices is so important in paying reparations.

If you already pay reparations somewhere, great! You know who I’m going to advocate for. Reparations Roundtable gives direct aid to Black marginalized genders, boosting up lives who might need help with food, bills, a place to sleep, and other necessities for living and giving folks the chance to use their own agency to thrive! Give to Reparations Roundtable here:

Join the Patreon for monthly giving here!

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