The Tuesday Currents

It’s been a minute since we’ve done some currents! It’s Helpline Recruitment Season at SQSH, which is definitely taking up most of my time these days. This is the LAST week to apply, so if you’re interested in an incredible summer of learning anti-oppressive peer counseling skills, access to free therapy while you volunteer and SO much more, be sure to apply!

I’m also currently…

working through the spring LeadMo Cohort, which is incredibly informative! We are learning so many cool skills that we didn’t even know existed. I’ve already put some into practice.

gearing up for a Fellowship and maybe two! As Wood Sprite grows and prepares to graduate in another two years, I’m also learning and preparing for my next phase.

calling and protesting all of these draconian bills hurting Missourians

volunteering for SQSH, PPH, and several other orgs

Preparing for the big 4-H Clover Campaign, as well as plans for an archery equipment trailer, some big changes with our True Leaders in Equity Program and Neighborhood Leadership Academy grant, and hopefully a few days of service, including the Farmer’s Market and food bank!

really digging the two new archery ranges we’re using, especially the one near our home. They are both SO much more accessible! We just need to fundraise for some pop-up shade tents because the best one doesn’t have ANY shad and these kids are turning into lobsters.

checking out a blood bank with one of our homeschool co-ops. It was really fun to go on a tour in person again. I remember when I used to organize two field trips a month and have classes at our home nearly every week, plus weekly park days and so much more… It flew by so fast! Now we’re mostly getting the Teen to various classes, whether online or in-person, having intense discussions for papers, and helping with tougher homework…

Speaking of which, I’ve been refreshing my trig skills from high school to teach in one of our co-ops (the Forensic Science one!). It was pretty hard at first but it’s been getting easier.

enjoying time with the ferrets we’re fostering

making some plans with my niece

working on classes in the American Dream Academy and a writing course

both going on interviews and interviewing folks for the Helpline

navigating some tricky political waters. It’s been like West Wing Lite.

navigating healthcare limits, which is incredibly time-consuming and tiresome

treasuring Sundays with Indy. Wood Sprite usually spends the day out, so we spend the day catching up on chores, errands–and sleep. This week we had some coop repairs, much-needed cleaning, electronic repairs, class prep, and Wood Sprite’s Easter, among other things. Indy made us a cinnamon cake, which was really awesome, too.

flyering for SQSH

What are you up to this week?

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