The Tuesday Currents

Happy Harvest Moon, upcoming Mabon and Libra season! Apples and pumpkins and falling leaves for everyone on this spooky season eve. I’m currently…

trying extra hard to stay on task because it’s fall and we’re busy as ever

listening to witchy playlists on Spotify and abolishing my only-in-September rule for this song. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of random traditions this year. They were supposed to be fun. When they aren’t anymore, let’s get rid of them and make new, fun ones, shall we?

pulling less-than-satisfying cards. Today’s Affirminator reminds me to appreciate ups and downs, and that even getting puked on makes for a great story someday. Sheesh.

getting a Chrysocolla for the Full Moon. I’ve wanted to get a new rock each full moon–we used to do that before Covid–but haven’t been able to. We tried a new-to-us shop and fell so hard for it. It’s glorious. And when I told the woman at the register my birthday she congratulated me. I love it when that happens and Indy’s like, “Why did they say that?” 11-11, baby.

really feeling these allergies! I have fallen behind on my self-care terribly this month and that includes my allergy medicine…

working my first shift for the organization I trained with all summer

working around Indy’s work schedule changes (and change-backs because REALLY)

working on a bunch of projects, between our house, work, 4-H and homeschooling

talking to WS about college! Yep, that age is HERE.

trying to get so many knots out of Miss Sally, who keeps typing over me with her fluffy self. I try to brush her a few times a week but it’s not enough. She needs it daily!

moving around furniture and giving a bunch of things to my baby sister. All were given to us at some point, too. We like to swap things around a lot in our family!

reading more graphic novels

making plans for WS’s birthday

drinking white chocolate pumpkin coffee (DIY from home; sorry, I don’t know where you can get an actual latte!)

What are you up to?

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