It’s Masturbation May!

Have you looked up all of the benefits of masturbation? Give yourself a shot of free dopamine on the regular and see what happens.

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It’s Masturbation May!

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Top Marine Discoveries of 2020

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Tomato And Lemon Pasta

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The Bigfin Squid

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Mother’s Day Direct Giving

May be an image of child and text that says 'Reparations oundtableT CELEBRATE BLACK MaGe PARENTHOOD'

Happy Mother’s Day! This year I want to especially lift up Black mothers and Black MaGe parents. I’ve learned that Black MaGes, many of them parents, have been at the forefront of every liberation struggle throughout American history. They do most of the work and receive little credit. That includes funding!

This Reparations Friday let’s pay what we owe by putting funds directly in the hands of Black MaGes moving from crisis to sustainability.

Give Here

The direct giving fund that I work with is called Reparations Roundtable. If you need assistance or know someone who does, you can contact them through their Facebook page. #SolidarityNotCharity

Things I Love Thursday

Some things I love this week include…

laughing on the phone with loved ones

sending TikTok videos back and forth with my kid and sister

getting my second shot

inclusivity and access discussed in local committees

learning from indigenous people on TikTok

Astrid’s Her Ritual Cottage. It’s an old oil from last year (maybe even older?) but it’s so lovely for this time of year.

all the lemon water. I crave it all day.

our beloved library

What are you loving this week?

The Tuesday Currents

Right now I’m…

re-arranging plans due to this week’s rain

hoping my chickens take out many more anthills. They got one yesterday that we know of and I’m so over the bugs already.

listening to the birds out my window. I have two nests in my brother’s tree right outside my office.

asking for patience every day with pandemic deniers that I love

looking forward to checking out Jen Louden’s Get Your Bother On

listening to classic R&B while I’m working at night… on the radio! Normally I keep it on Spotify but this has been nice.

wishing I could make my coffee as good as a barista and knowing that I will likely never be willing to grind fresh beans every day, making this a useless dream

also wishing for a way to tell if I’ll enjoy a book or not before I read it. As against biometrics as I am, this might be the one thing I’d be willing to scan with my fingerprint for information!

straddling so much old and new I might as well be riding a mechanical bull

eating way too much garlic

loving this giant piece of smoky quartz my husband gave me. He’d saved it for Mother’s Day but thought I could use it early. It’s cold and stabby and oh so perfect. It’s the largest rock in my collection.

melting Annabel Lee by Dark Candles. Their Patchouli is my favorite because it lasts so long but I also love their Amber Velvet and Dark Carnival.

handling my summer SAD as best as I can. Yes, already. Yesterday I shared a little about it and deleted it as soon as someone said they love this weather. She meant no harm but yes, most people do, which makes what I’ve got so much worse because cognitively I know I should love it. I know it’s beautiful. In the winter, when I’m thriving, there are so many people who feel this way and they’re understood. So part of me wants to help people understand but since less than five percent of people feel the way I do, is it really that important? 120 days until September!

dealing with messes ex-friends left behind. Honestly I’d rather deal with this than the people themselves, even if I had to go in a building, which I avoid doing, to handle this business she should’ve finished nearly a decade ago.

trying to keep Wood Sprite on task. The procrastination is real. Honestly the same goes for me.

What are you up to this week?