The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

getting super stoked about Wonder Woman 1984

loving Community, our new show. Anything that makes me laugh that hard is very much welcome this year.

searching for my copy of My True Love Gave to Me so we can read the stories aloud during the holidays. I just can’t seem to find it!

enjoying the conjunction and Solstice. I stayed up until sunrise with candles all night while working and it was cozy.

leaving my women’s sci-fi group on Facebook because the mods are transphobic. I’ve been a member for over a year and loved it there but this is just terrible behavior, and when I called them out my post was deleted. Another member nicely sent me a copy of it because she predicted it would happen, as it’s happened to her. She is willing to stay behind to continue calling them out on their prejudices but the boundaries I’ve been erecting this year are made of granite and I’m just not willing, especially since all they’ll do is delete.

arguing with Zuul about everything from rest to pain management to eating well, per usual during her monthly visit

literally trimming Gertrude (our tree). Her bottom branches are getting super droopy, especially after cat attacks, so I had to give her a cut.

planning our holiday meals and when to drop off my parents’ on their porch. Besides that, we’re staying home.

trying to decide whether to bake or not this year. I don’t really feel like it but I know my family would love some cookies…

wading through brain fog while I try to meet deadlines before the holidays. Anytime I try to get things done early my body physically resists to the point where it feels like I’ve been drugged and need to sleep. Zuul has much to do with this, but maybe this is also to blame.

What are you up to this holiday week?

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