The Tuesday Currents

We’re currently…

listening to the Goo Goo Dolls and, while we’re sad we won’t get to see them this summer, feeling thankful that we won’t have to make that hard choice and lose our tickets

working hard on the house and yard. We have a new chicken run that the girls love (it has a door, which makes it easier for them to come out and explore), soil in the garden, lots of starters and a bunch of brush cut. There’s probably still more to cut than what we have cut, but there’s been lots of progress made. We’re also considering more chickens but really prefer our own hand-raised girls…

rolling with Indy’s schedule. We never know which days he’ll be laid off so it’s a day by day basis right now.

wearing Sugar + Spite’s Tell It To the Moon, which is gorgeous

painting signs with Wood Sprite. Indy cut us some scrap wood into signs and we’ve painted Hogsmeade, Camp Half-Blood, Wakanda and The Shire so far.

reading the news each day with horror, confusion, disgust and disbelief. Still thinking we’re somehow in a video game.

preparing for summer classes and trying to work out 4-H programs from a distance. We are enjoying the online programming but definitely miss face-to-face interaction. OK, I like the online stuff better than Wood Sprite! The kid definitely misses friends.

writing when I’m not sleeping–at least that’s how it feels! I’m obviously also working on the house/yard, homeschooling and even watching a little TV (Indy and I are watching Sirens, and we rented Trolls 2 over the weekend), but I would love to read a book…

meeting with friends one-on-one at six feet, with masks. We’re still so anxious about this that it’s a once a week (or less) event but we’re trying. You know it’s serious when even Wood Sprite is reluctant to set up another visit due to the risk.

touring the Anne Frank house. Wood Sprite says we should send it to every person who whines about quarantine.

What are you up to?

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