Things I Love Thursday

Some things I’m loving this week are…

my two surviving girls. Sigh. We’ve lost three chickens and it’s devastating. This particular trash panda was super thin so he might have been starving for all I know. Indy has sealed the entire coop for now while we build another new run. We thought Winnie might pull through but she slowly passed away.

the fact that I don’t stress eat when I’m this busy

telling people the stories of us chasing predators in the dark, in the rain, in our underwear. It helps us laugh. While it’s happening, we’re scream-crying–at least, I am.

my beloved aunt, whose birthday is tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll get to see her from a distance this weekend.

our farmer’s market, which requires distance shopping AND masks. Apple cake, here I come…

Indy bringing me a chocolate-marshmallow malt

Indy getting surprise work days after layoff days. The only problem is that we never know what we’re going to get.

our Internet wiring update, which now has me feeling less like I’m on dial-up! Woohoo!

Patton Oswalt. Can’t wait to watch his special this weekend and hope it’s the one we saw in person last year! Remember 2019? That’s something Wood Sprite and I love to say lately. “Remember the library? Remember going to the movies?” It cracks us up (lolsob).

sleeping through the night after chasing off predators for a few nights, even though it was with the aid of some Benedryl, which my sinuses also thanked me for. Between the rain and pollen, they’ve been making me miserable.

What are you loving this week?


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