The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

cursing a headache that’s been here for weeks. It’s never quite gone, although some days it’s worse than others.

playing with Skinny Syrups. I’m mixing flavors (cotton candy, butter toffee, etc) in with heavy whipping cream and a bit of food coloring, then adding either almond milk (to make those whipped milks everyone is talking about) or my coffee. YUM. It’s a nice little at home treat.

butting heads. Yeah, we’re a little stir crazy, but we’ll take it. We had to self-quarantine for two years when Wood Sprite was born a micropreemie for health and safety. I must say that was easier since the kid was just an infant and I was their world. Today they’re surly and missing friends and I can’t blame them. If I couldn’t see my BFF at 14 (my husband now) that long, I’m sure I’d be more than surly.

feeling so tired. Our schedules are all over the place. We’ve got zoom classes, I’ve got my work and Indy’s work is all over, whether he’s laid off, called in to work a weird odd shift or whatever. I haven’t been sleeping well for a long time.

relearning to edit photos with new tools since my previous editor doesn’t work anymore. By far not my favorite thing to do. The new tool is easier to use, but it doesn’t have the capabilities I’m used to working with, either.

researching laptops. This week is the week because my machine is shot! Many fellow writers are saying to get a Chromebook, which would cost a lot less than the machines I’ve bookmarked. I just wish I could go to the store and feel the different computers before buying them, and that’s not something I want to do right now.

feeling anxious about things opening up again, particularly for vulnerable people and those who can’t “just stay home” who will lose their benefits if they do. These protesters, I’m telling you. We could really use them when it’s time to argue for environmental justice, prison reform, abolishing the electoral college…

wondering how a package from Rhode Island went from Massachusetts to Illinois, came close to getting to me in St. Louis, and is now in Iowa…

enjoying Indy’s keto pizza in the air fryer

prepping a cooking curriculum for Wood Sprite. It almost feels silly when this is the kid who makes eggs in a basket for breakfast and has taught other kids to cook, but it’s going to be part of a home ec credit for… high school! Yep, I’m also feeling anxious about starting high school in July, just because I want to make sure they have every option available to them and we get all of the criteria met. I’ll tell you what, narrowing my reading lists down to something more manageable has been the hardest part so far. Old classics versus new and contemporary lit, YA favorites, American Lit, English Lit… I want to do it allllll…

playing Sorry! with my family and subbing a tiny figurine for a missing yellow piece. We never use yellow, but my aunt is playing with us remotely and yellow is her favorite!

reading Wee Free Men aloud

watching the season finale of Prodigal Son, which was a fitting end to a too-fast series that we loved so much. Indy and I can’t wait for season two, even though it hasn’t been announced yet. There MUST be another season. This cast is incredible and we’ve never been bored watching it.

attending some interesting classes with Wood Sprite via Zoom, e-mail, Facebook, etc. This week we have some talks with a judge, lawyer, court representative and comic book artists, among others.

smelling like Amber Couer and loving it. It lasts longer than most other oils I’ve worn. I only have a tiny sample size so I know I’m going to want a big one.

ordering Father’s Day presents

listening to storms

organizing kitchen and utility storage

repainting the kitchen. Next up, creepy wallpaper!

How about you?

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