Mini GISH 2020: Team Funpocalypse!

Every year, we enter the incredibly fun, challenging and life-changing scavenger hunt for charity, GISH. This year, GISH hosted a special 24-hour mini event to get over 250,000 meals to kids in need and we had such a good time taking part in it. It may have been the most fun hunt yet since it really took our minds off things for a while! Team Funpocalypse consisted of just 9 people but we managed to complete 45/54 prompts in just 24 hours. Way to go!!

Without further ado, here are the submissions by Team Funpocalypse!

1. Here at GISH HQ, our corporate culture believes in investing in you, our GISH Community. Please join the LIVE GISHTalks Virtual Corporate Training Workshops at the times posted. Our GISHTalks are symposiums and training seminars from some of the world’s foremost experts to help you build the skills you need for these uncertain times. Attendance is not mandatory, but please try to join as many as you can. GISHTalks: Helping you build the future of tomorrow with the tools of today. Spaces are limited: first come, first served, however, we will be streaming them all here on the GISH Hunt website for your viewing pleasure. Attend as many as you want, but you only need to submit evidence of attending one (details on how to submit will be provided on the livestream). All submissions of these livestreams should also be posted on your favorite social channel and tagged #GISH. 48 Points

2. SIDE-BY-SIDE. What’s something you’ve always wished you could do, but never bothered to learn that your grandparent knows how to do? Can your grandfather crochet? Can your grandmother bake bread? Have a facetime call with him or her and have them teach you this skill. Screengrab your conversation and the finished product in two side-by-side images. 38 Points

3. One of the best things about family is the way they accept you as you are (mostly), because of the threads that connect you. Prove it: videoconference with your entire family (extended or chosen family is welcome). Everyone must be wearing the ugliest shirt or sweater they have – the more outrageous the better. Send us your family group photo. 48 Points

4. Normally, your pet is NEVER allowed to do this under ANY circumstances. But, of course, these are NOT normal times. 28 Points

5. Now that we’re all locked down, many people are saying it’s quite challenging to juggle home life with work life. Let’s prove them wrong. Let’s see at least three members of your team juggling at the same time on a video conference call (each of them in a different video square – Zoom works for this). If none of you know-how, you have 24 hours to learn. Go! 33 Points

6. You and your hot date are dressed to the nines. The lighting and setting are incredibly romantic. Now’s the time for you to move in for that first passionate kiss. One challenge: you’re videoconferencing with your date and you’re each in a different video frame. Let’s see you pull off your physically distanced first kiss. 31 Points

7. Kids these days with their TikTok and their dance crazes! Have the oldest person you know teach the youngest person you know the oldest dance they know, then have the young person teach the old person the newest dance THEY know. Show us side-by-side video of them both performing the dance they each learned, set to a current Billboard Top 10 song or to a good old oldie. 49 Points

8. (UP TO 30 SECONDS.) Find a friend with a child and teach that child something you’re an expert in (pottery making, how to play an instrument, drawing, rocket science, and thermodynamics, etc.) over video conference. Send us a screengrab of you teaching the child… or if it’s a skill, send a video of you doing the skill and then the child doing the skill. 21 Points

9. Children have massive imaginations, so let’s give them the real estate to build a magical realm. Construct a castle out of popsicle sticks, cardboard, cards, or other (preferably recycled) materials and have them pose, dressed as their fantasy character, next to their new land acquisition. 51 Points

10. Wake up! It’s time to deliver the morning paper, on a bike, in your house, to a loved one in bed. (You’ve got a lot of deliveries to make, so you’ll have to toss it at them as you cruise by.) 14 Points

11. (UP TO 30 SECONDS.) People say it’s impossible to sing well in groups on videoconference calls because of delays. Prove people wrong. Let’s see at least 4 people singing 30 seconds of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police on a videoconference call. It must be perfectly harmonized and synchronized! 40 Points

12. It’s so frustrating when you misplace things around the house. There’s only one solution: Make a backup! Crochet or knit an EXACT replica of a treasured household item (such as the TV remote, your car keys, a favorite photograph, etc) that you’d rather not lose track of. It may NOT be a fabric item (such as a sock) and you must show us the yarn replica and the original together in a single image. 68 Points

13. Remember Tom Hanks in “Castaway”? Remember Wilson the volleyball? Well, we’re all going through something similar now. We’re alone and WE ARE LOSING OUR MINDS. We’ve started talking to household objects. We’ve started dressing them up and giving them names. Show us your new quarantine friend. 51 Points

14. I’m sure the marketing photography for frozen meals is totally accurate, but just to make sure it’s all on the up-and-up, microwave a frozen meal from your freezer and take a photo of it next to the photo shown on the box. I’m sure they will look exactly the same, just like mine did but this is just to double-check. 28 Points

15. While so many of us are stuck at home, we might as well use our newfound time at home to work on ourselves and develop new skills to keep us marketable in an uncertain economy. With this in mind, learn to balance something on your chin for 20 seconds – a yardstick, a broom, a piece of a towel rack… or even something longer. Impress us! (Hint: Longer things are usually easier to balance. Don’t break any windows.) 49 Points

16. Each morning and evening there are thousands of essential workers driving down streets like yours going to and from jobs that keep us fed and healthy. Let’s give them a show of support: thank essential workers with a message of art and appreciation towards them on your windows. Post your image to social media tagged #ThankYouEssentialWorkers and #GISH. 19 Points

17. We LOVE our kids, but occasionally we all need a little break. Right now, however, that can be challenging. Let’s see your best quarantine technique for hiding from your children (camouflage, “mad-skills” hiding, appliance impersonation, invisibility… whatever it takes!) 47 Points

18. Have your kids explain or demonstrate their best strategy or argument for tricking your parents into letting you watch TV. 11 Points

19. (UP TO 2 MINUTES) Find a senior citizen (a relative or a stranger) living in a residential care facility for a child to interview via videoconference or telephone with at least 5 of the following questions, as well as any other questions the child wants to add. Then, the child must draw a picture based on the interview and share it with them. Send us a video showing the child interviewing the person and the drawing. QUESTIONS:

Where is your favorite place in the world that you have visited?
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
What is your favorite game or sport?
What are your kids’ name if you have oany?
If you had one food to bring to a desert island, what would it be?
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?
If you could be any age right now, what would it be and why?
If you could tell the President one thing, what would it be?
When you were a kid, what job or type of chores did you want to have?
Tell me about a time someone did something kind for you… what was it? how did it make you feel?
What was it like living through a war compared to living through this pandemic?
Did you ever get in trouble as a kid, if so what did you do and what was the punishment?
What was the happiest time period in your life?
Who was your best friend when you were growing up? What would you do together?
What were some of your favorite hobbies -when you were younger and now
–Hank, age 10, from Bellingham, WA
84 Points

20. Record label marketing services are overrated. Everything you need to make a triple-platinum album cover is in your home. Using just the people and things in your house, re-create your favorite album cover. 27 points

21. (UP TO 1 MINUTE) Interview a child under the age of 10 about something that you would think is wildly beyond their grasp (management theory, the Battle of 1812, how pulsars work, what a black hole is, etc.). Take them very seriously take notes. This may be a video call. 13 points

22. Use household items (books, boxes, kitchen utensils, anything…) to create one of the natural or man-made wonders of the world and take a selfie in front of it as if you’re a tourist. Feel free to use forced perspective to speak to its majestic grandeur. 72 points

23. If you were to win the gold medal for “Grand Master Of The Organized Refrigerator” with your food somehow stacked, ordered or displayed using some type of beautiful, unique, or jaw-dropping organizational display or filing system, what would it look like? – Inspired by Tricia. 32 points

24. Tampon Jenga. (You may not unwrap them — this is not a time to be wasteful.) 16 points

25. Nap. Make it a good one. 31 points

26. Springtime straw hats are overplayed. Show us the new hot trend: eco-friendly sun hats made from the weeds from your garden. 41 points

27. Now’s the time to dream big about the most adventurous place you can travel. Once we’re back in the world, you can go there! Until then we can work on our manifestation skills: Photoshop yourself into a postcard at the most adventurous place you’ve never been that you would like to go – with someone you’d like to be there with (you can know them or not). Post it online tagged #WishIWereHere and #GISH. Submit an image of your postcard, not your post online. – Arianne 30 points

28. Recreate a famous painting using only condiments from your kitchen, on an edible surface. (Show us your artwork. Then eat it.) – Brenda P. 42 points

29. Couch potato. Carve a potato into a perfect scale model of your couch (or your dream couch). – Kyan 46 points

30. As long as we have technology, we can keep our distance AND be social. Deliver a no-touch cheerful message of support to a neighbour or friend using a drone. The note has to hang off the drone like a flag so they don’t touch the drone. POV of the drone. -Carly 88 points

31. Don’t take the trash out!! Instead, use it to create a beautiful portrait of someone famous you admire. You may use pencil shavings, fireplace ash, used coffee grounds, grass clippings, dryer lint, etc. When you’re done, post it on social media and tag them and @GISH. Submit an image of your artwork. – Deidra L. 38 points

32. You’ve heard of the “Brady Bunch”… what about the Ballot Bunch? Get 8 of your US-citizen friends to join you in a “Brady Bunch” style grid pose with you holding up your downloaded mail-in ballots or proof that you requested them, if your state doesn’t allow instant downloads. Post it online tagged #TheBallotBunch & #GISH telling your friends to do it, too. (And that’s the way we became the Civically-Engaged Bunch!) 120 points

33. Feed local first responders (Fire/EMS/Police), healthcare professionals (including doctors, nurses, vet offices, respiratory therapists, orderlies), or essential workers on the job by arranging delivery of meals from a local business to your local heroes. Get the delivery worker to conspire with you by snapping a pic posed with your recipients, and post it online tagged #FeedHeroNurses, #GISH, and @RandomActsOrg. 58 points

34. As all Gishers know, “Zoombie” is the latest in zombie videoconferencing. Let’s see one. 40 points

35. Some people believe big corporations are big bad monsters that gobble up little businesses, destroy our environment, and have way too much control over our buying habits. Others believe that their economic angels and that they help lower prices for consumers, provide more job opportunities, and stimulate economic prosperity. Clearly the individual that should resolve this dichotomy is… a child. With your child (or a child) as your lead designer, make a mythical creature out of all those boxes you have in your garage from big box stores and corporations that is either monster-like or fairy and angelic like – your child’s choice! – Inspired by Casey Elaine L. 35 points

36. Display a roll of toilet paper like the treasure it is. – Dana D.

37. While you’re working from home, your conference calls show a professional background of books, flowers, artwork. But we all know deep down that that’s a facade: we all are just struggling to hold it together and sometimes, things like cleanliness and orderliness fall by the wayside so that may not be an entirely accurate depiction of what the rest of your abode looks like. What happens when the camera is rotated off your video conference call 180 degrees? Show us – shot dramatically as a tense suspension short film. – Marty 34 points

38. Toilet paper is getting scarce, and so are a lot of animals on the planet. Create a sculpture of an endangered species from empty toilet-tissue tubes(s) and/or paper towel tubes. 53 points

39. (UP TO 30 SECONDS) You’ve heard of pen pals… what about video pals? A lot of people in nursing homes and retirement homes are feeling isolated and scared right now. Most residential care facilities have very strict isolation in place. No visitors allowed, not leaving the premises, etc. Coordinate remotely with a local retirement home or elder care home and play a game of “show and tell” with a random nursing home resident to find at least 3 things you have in common. 64 points

40. SIDE-BY-SIDE IMAGES. English sculptor Henry Moore once said: “Drawing, even for people who cannot draw, even for people not trying to produce a good drawing, makes you look more intensely.” Produce a detailed, super-up-close macro drawing or painting of your best friend’s big toe or nostril. Submit side-by-side with a photo of the reference you used. 19 points

41. (UP TO 30 SECONDS) Quarantine Quitchen: GISH Edition! Get a child under 6 to raid your pantry and select 3 ingredients, then let them teach you how to make a very special dish with those ingredients and some spices. YOU HAVE TO EAT IT. Post it and tag @AltonBrown and #GISHQuarantineQuitchen. Submit the video, not the post. 31 points

42. Here comes the airplane! A child feeding an adult soup, pudding, or cereal using CDC-recommended distancing guidelines of at least 6 feet away – the longer the “spoon,” the better. 28 points

43. It’s such a pity that a prolific painter like yourself is low on supplies. Luckily, you still have plenty of toothpaste. Create a tiny toothpaste portrait of your favorite celebrity on the mirror and tag them with “Hey (their username), you make me smile.” Post your portrait on social media tagged #GISH. 21 points

44. Time for the annual Howl at the Zoom. 8 PM PT! Be there. Join the Head Wolf & Misha Collins for a howling good time! Then submit a video of your global howl- or if you missed it, send us your best lone wolf howl. 30 points

45. Draw a little birdhouse in your soul. Leave the nightlight on inside the birdhouse in your soul. 15 points

46. TIMELAPSE. I recently let my children take the reins on my personal grooming and I’ve never felt better about not being able to go outside among other people. They say misery loves company, so now it’s your turn: let the youngest person in your household that’s old enough to use scissors cut your hair and document the experience. (Don’t advise them. After all, they’re the expert.) 78 points

47. Rachel Miner brings all the unicorns to the yard. Let’s see the largest gathering of unicorns watching her panel! Take a photo of yourself, dressed as a unicorn (homemade costume is perfect if you don’t have a unicorn costume in your closet for some strange reason), watching her #FestivalAndBeyond Livestream to benefit Random Acts’ COVID Relief efforts. Bonus points: make a donation to Random Acts to help support COVID relief, and share the two photos side-by-side. 36 points

48. Just because we’re sheltering-in-place doesn’t mean we can’t drop in on each other for dinner (virtually). Download the GISH App (Get iOS here or Android here) and use the GEOChat feature to pop in on 5 random strangers in 5 different countries. Find out how they’re doing, how sheltering in place is going in their country, and get the recipe of their favorite quarantine comfort food, then submit them to all us as a page for our #QuarantineCookbook.
Make sure you let us know which country each recipe came from! 38 points

49. I recently wrote a letter of thanks to a guy named Jim, who helped me quite a bit when I was young man, sharing his time and knowledge with me. I posted about it on social media, and we’ve since reconnected. Write a letter of gratitude to someone in your past who shaped your present for the better or made you who you are in a positive way, then share it with them if you can and post it publicly (if you’re comfortable) tagged #LettersOfGratitude. Send us a pic of your letter and a link to your post. 57 points

50. Make a set of jewelry or a crown from paperclips – one so ostentatious, it would make Queen Elizabeth blush. (You can adorn it with anything you have around the house as “jewels.”) 40 points

51. A lot of LGBTQ+ people are sheltering-in-place with people who don’t accept them as they are, which makes an already difficult situation even more isolating. Show them that though they are physically isolated right now, they are not alone: post a photo of yourself holding up a sign with a message of support which also includes contact numbers to organizations for support in case they need help. Submit the photo with a link to your social media post tagged #LGBeTogether and #GISH. 53 points

52. Random Acts is raising funds for grassroots COVID relief efforts. (You can donate here, but that’s not the purpose of this item…) Go here and nominate an organization in your community that is doing good work to receive support. Submit a screenshot of your nomination to us. 72 points

53. Since we can no longer give each other big, warm, cuddly hugs, it’s time we invent the official hug or hug routine of social distancing. Props, noises, physical impossibiliites… they are all welcome. Let’s see two people warmly “embracing” each other with “the new COVID hug” (obviously from a distance of at least 6 feet). 17 points

54. Write a moving handwashing haiku. Post it above your bathroom sink. – Ashlynn A. 26 points


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