Things I Love Thursday

I’m feeling much better today and loving a lot this week! A few things include…

this cool AHS cup I got for half price during the Spirit closing sale

dates with Indy. We’ve had two really good ones this week alone!

nitro cold brew with heavy cream… mmmm.

my new phone and its many features

keto rutabaga fries and burgers, courtesy of my husband and the air fryer

Yes, I drink coffee out of old jars. A lot.

Noke taking his meds like a champ. We’ve got a pretty good routine down. I have to wrap his wound for another week, which isn’t fun for him, but I have to admit that I kind of enjoy it. It reminds me of when I used to want to be a vet. If only my stomach were a bit stronger!

finding cats quickly. Someone left the basement door open and two of them got out while we were gone last night! Luckily Noke always comes back (he’s a black cat, what else?) but poor Sally was terrified because she’s not been out much. Neither are allowed out for good reason!

watching TV with Indy. Wow, I remember back when we had time to do that years ago… and why I thought it was so nice. It’s not every day (and sometimes not even every week) but I love getting into something new (we’ve tried Lincoln Rhyme and Locke & Key so far this month) with my guy, especially with a flannel sherpa and a cat (usually Pumpkin, sometimes Sally) on me.

how much Wood Sprite loves my old CDs

listening to teens giggle during sleepovers

making stickers

new Jordan’s Skinny Syrups! I need one of those guy reaching out to a butterfly memes, captioned, “Is this an addiction?” Same for perfume oils. Man.

speaking of which… Hexennacht’s Halloween Town. YESSS. I need a full size after sampling this goodness.

my loverly plants, which are all doing quite well and need names

an epiphany with a red spider in the shower and the plot spiders that followed

Wood Sprite’s weekly classes, which have given us a nice routine to build our time around within Indy’s schedule (and all of these dates!)

Fantasy February. We’ve made it through all of the Potter films and were supposed to watch Merlin and The 10th Kingdom this week, but we got behind with all of our evening activities. Maybe this weekend. I’ve been asked about these themes and really we do a few different ones each year, but we normally always do Star Wars around May the Fourth,

How’s your week going? What are you loving?

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