The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

ferociously writing, catching up and trying to get ahead so I can take some time off next week with my family

trying to balance my heat. Our heat doesn’t go back to the office so we use a space heater in here, but if I don’t have it on full blast I get cold–yet it makes me hot at the same time! We have plastic over the windows and it’s also creeping me out every now and then when I hear the wind against it. Scritch, scritch, scritch… JB Stamper? Night Frights, anyone?

loving the look of the snow but loathing the danger it presents while driving! My husband’s had to drive in it for work all week and it makes me nervous. Wood Sprite played in it with the dogs and had a blast.

reading A Lesson in Thorns (eh), 10 Blind Dates (cute!) and The Institute (just started it). Who else is getting big Hopper (Stranger Things) vibes from the ex-cop? I love him and I hope I still will at the end…

LOVING working with Wood Sprite this week. We got SO much accomplished and it’s only Tuesday.

dealing with so many tech glitches! From specific websites to my computer and phone, I just need to update everything and I’m tired of hearing myself say it. Bleh. My eye’s twitching, too, but that doesn’t need an update, just a charge! Working these hours just doesn’t suit me anymore.

having weird but pleasant dreams about watching shooting stars with Egon Spengler.

getting super excited about transferring to the 2020 planner!

finalizing gifts. Indy and I will do our annual Love Actually viewing, cocoa drinking and two-person wrapping party this weekend.

enjoying checking things off in pink for a change

loving my Fortune Cookie Soap 12 Days of Christmas box. So far it’s had a deodorant, a perfume oil and a muscle warming rub. Indy’s also enjoying the jerky box I put together for him (he had alligator today), and Wood Sprite begs to open the 12 Days of Star Wars Socks every morning (we do these in the evening together).

planning the Yule feast. Wood Sprite requested chicken nuggets, sloppy joes and cookies. Um… we’ll see.

loving the Spotify playlists generated by my most-played songs, year by year

proving to Indy that the mad squirrel really DOES exist! We now have pictures of him just staring at us through the window to prove it!

prepping all the holiday games–Roll a Reindeer, Christmas Scavenger Hunt, Christmas BINGO, Christmas Pictionary… Oh, yeah. I’m THAT mom.

still stinging over Castle Rock. That finale rocked me to the core. I’m getting a little emotional about Supernatural ending, too, even though we all know it’s time (but is it…). I’m also totally in Prodigal Son withdrawal and reminding myself why I don’t watch TV shows! I get too invested. But that’s the story of my life in anything I get interested in!

getting so excited about Peace Talks! I just wrote the release date on my calendar.

reading Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth, Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher and Pip Bartlett’s Guide to Magical Creatures with Wood Sprite. Vowing to read a bunch of Stephen King novels with Indy because he’s only seen the movies and he’s Missing Out (TM).

getting ready for a bunch of kids to come over for crafts tomorrow… or not. It depends on the weather.

Gearing up for some fun holiday plans over the next few nights. Most of them are free and we’re really looking forward to them. Wood Sprite is practically bouncing off the walls to see Krampus again.

enjoying our holiday movie marathon. We saw The Santa Clause and Mean Girls together this week. I also watched The Knight Before Christmas while catching up on some work and didn’t enjoy that one as much.

making everything peppermint mocha since I found a sugarfree creamer! I do wish more flavors were made SF.

What are you up to?

Things I Love Thursday

A few things I’m loving this week…

holiday movies with the family

end-of-year journaling with Danielle LaPorte and reverb (the former is an email program and I’m using old prompts from my blog for the latter, but writing both in my paper journal). End-of-Year reviews are approaching!

reading more Gaiman aloud in the car

resting with cats and a heating pad

Witch Baby body butter

Michelle Wolf’s new Netflix special, Joke Show

Wood Sprite’s rice krispie treats

checking out new computers. I’m going to have to bite the bullet. Mine’s ancient and freezing when I’m working but I sure hate getting a new one! Between the research ans selection process, cost, transferring all my stuff and just getting used to a new look and feel, I never look forward to it.

The mid-season finale of Prodigal Son (OMG!) and the season finale of Castle Rock (OMGOMGOMG!).

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

burgers. Zuul is here and She wants allll the burgers and fries.

Wood Sprite’s super awesome teachers

making 12 Days of Christmas countdowns for my family

overtime. We miss Indy terribly but those checks definitely help out.

texting Wood Sprite

the full Cold Moon, making herb jars and burning our list of things to release

Oh, Fudge! Bones coffee

Our tree, Boromir

What are you loving this week?

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