The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

chugging that coffee! My PSL grounds are probably a year old. Yikes. Down the hatch while I write, write, write.

planning Thanksgiving, Christmas, all that hygge stuff. Wood Sprite has just as many classes as ever, including more art classes that begin this month and extra rehearsals, so we’re cutting a few things to give us more family time, which we’ve missed since Indy’s been putting in more overtime. We still have long, long days a few times a week, but we’re trying to keep Friday afternoon through Sunday family time as much as possible since his days off have been cut in half (and less, with the OT!).

chatting with my baby sister and loving her stories about Mogwai (and crying over her stories about work)

feeling pretty witchy. My wardrobe could belong to Stevie Nicks these days (I wish!), I got a gorgeous new moon pendant when the Spirit shop had everything 50% off and my pockets have so many gems in them Indy’s been calling them my quarry. Don’t even get me started on all the candles.

loving my new horror cups and mugs, also courtesy of the Spirit sale! My Freddy coffee travel cup is twice the size of the rest of my cups (and it says to place on the top rack? Ha, right!).

loving my chats with my mom. We’re both so busy we don’t get to as often as we’d like anymore so when we do the humor gets acerbic! I’m looking forward to winter when we’ll be able to share a few of her days off together.

loving my Witch Baby Scorpio body butter! I couldn’t wait until my birthday to try it. It smells just like… me. It’s perfect for this time of year and it even comes with a piece of unakite. I’m still holding off on the bath bomb until next week.

engaging in some tough yet necessary self-care. My numbers are improving so much, even after a couple of setbacks, but I’m still so tired and moody. I’m hoping to level off soon once my body’s back into the swing of this way of life. A new tactic I’ve added is watching TV while I do aerobics with weights, which is interesting, to say the least. It’s fine for comedies so far but I can’t pay attention to drama yet!

cutting my hair. I just got the dead stuff off, which was a couple of inches, but it was fun to make Indy guess.

still reading Renegades and hoping for more time to finish it. The sequels to Roar and Grace and Fury both came in this week for me and I’d love to read them over my birthday weekend. Then it will be all things Folk of the Air, Starless Sea and The Institute, whichever the library has for me next!

planning lots of project work days. Enjoying family time is one of our most important goals this fall and winter, but so is really caring for our property and ensuring it’s a place we love to be.

planning teacher gifts, a few events and appointments going into the New Year. Specialists get booked quickly and we see a few! I’m also considering new glasses since my eye exam is next month and it’s been a while since I’ve had a new pair. If it’s covered, why not?

having a love-hate relationship with Wood Sprite doing so much work independently. It’s what I feel with everything WS these days! I miss the kid so much; I love the teen so much. I realize there are only a few short years before we hit “grown.” Oh, my heart. We used to read everything together; now entire books are read, both for my classes and others’, without me. We still have a great time when we can, though. When we go over scientific laws, for example, I give WS an accent to practice them in, which makes us crack up.

watching Castle Rock with Indy. This season is SO much better than last! There’s sadly no Skarsgård, but there are just as many homages as in the previous season, if not more, and the story is much faster and more exciting.

planning some art projects with Wood Sprite, who wants to tie-dye bandanas this month, among other things, which is so cute because Mogwai is also very much into that art right now (we bought her a kit for her birthday)

loving Indy cooking in the evening, when he can, even if it means slightly more mess!

making more little Gothic touches throughout the house and considering going bigger

slowly, slowly putting away Halloween. I’m serious about this less hectic thing! Most of the indoor stuff is down but honestly I don’t care if the outdoor stuff stays up until December. Halloween should be two months anyway, right? Besides, you can hardly tell the difference between much of it and what we have up year-round anyway.

slowly, slowly de-cluttering and cleaning. The living room almost has an echo at this point, but that’s because the decorations are down. I’m getting rids of heaps of books and just really trying to cut down on the clutter. It’s a good time of year for it, but it will also make it easier when we sand and stain.

slowly, slowly reflecting, musing, journaling, savoring the season and trying to realign with our goals. This means killing many old habits and tendencies, many of them addictive as hell. I’m using this cold, quiet month in the Celtic New Year to dig deep and really make sure every day is filled with connection and meaning.

battling the fruit fly battle

eagerly anticipating Aldi Advent calendars and hoping we can get a chocolate one for Wood Sprite and a cheese one for us before they’re out

feeling incredibly grateful for the allergy medicine that lets me enjoy this season

ooohing and ahhhing over every new winter product launch from my favorites, from Haus of Gloi to Fortune Cookie Soap to announcements-to-come from Sugar and Spite… I want everything! I may have to unsubscribe for a bit to keep myself from temptation. I’m also staying away from Facebook, with the exception of checking on my phone when I get important notifications, and it’s been wonderful. It always is when you take a break.

listening to a lot of Narnia and LOTR ambiance soundtracks while I work… and Witchy Vibes while I play!

What are you up to this week?

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