The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

Loving my new Southern Breeze teas! So far my favorite is the mango.

cosplaying, watching Halloween films, playing with #inktober2019 and our other usual Halloweenies! Indy has a ton of overtime while he’s training for a new job, which is great, but it means we have to skip a few traditions, like our corn maze morning.

repeatedly smelling myself because Be A Pineapple is awesome. Bought a smaller size from a Fortune Cookie BST group for a fraction of the price and I LOVE it.

stress eating boo bag candy (oops) while I catch up on last week’s deadlines

loving Meyer’s Heartless and looking forward to Renegades

watching Paranorman, Dark Shadows, Detective Pikachu and The Nightmare Before Christmas

dressing up as the White Rabbit, Cheshire Catception (holding a cat), a pirate stormtrooper, a ninja bunny, dead Barb from Stranger Things (complete with a tackle bait slug adhered with some liquid latex)

still feeling haunted by a Stranger Things interpretive dance at the Science Center’s First Friday. It was really well done, but it also made me want to throw every cell phone I saw. Half the audience had their heads bent over screens while live performers were inches from them and that’s just NOT okay. Not only is it incredibly rude, but there was an audience just as large standing behind the seats who would have loved to sit and watch with full attention.

What are you up to?

#Inktober! Here are Wood Sprite & my latest entries… Mine are better labeled but WS’s are much better executed. 😉

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