The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

awake after a fast food nightmare. It’s been 20 years since high school and 18 since working in food yet they’re my most common nightmare themes. I used to do exemplary, speedy work, particularly during the lunch rush and received  daily praise about my attitude, ability and service, but I also dealt with the meanest of the meaners every single day and had to grin through it. Oh, the same goes for working in fast food.

loving my Goblin King funko pop that Indy sent me for no reason

writing, day and night, to the point where I wonder if I spell things that are obviously spelled correctly the right way. “Speech” was one such word today. My sleep-deprived brain was sure it was “speach.” I suppose that’s better than thinking “patio” was “padio” a while back…

enjoying listening to Wood Sprite speak French. I still sort of wish WS had been interested in learning Spanish since I speak it, but the French sure sounds beautiful, too.

digging the Tangerine & Wild Strawberry Pelligrino

prepping another teen night

taking Wood Sprite and/or friends here, there and everywhere! It’s all about time with friends this summer and I’m here for it. I’m also here for saying I’m here for it, which is apparently a thing.

gearing up for Avengers trivia and crafts this weekend

also gearing up for GISH, which is always incredible and exhausting and inconveniently timed. This year, for example, it will be while my cat’s recovering from getting spayed.

laughing through all of the Stranger Things memes Wood Sprite sends me and wondering if humanity will only speak in memes one day

scheduling fall classes, making plans and making the calendar pretty

What are you up to this week?

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