Things I Love Thursday

When the cats take over your tent

I love…

surprise visits from loved ones. Let’s be honest: sometimes I don’t love surprise visits, especially if I’m not wearing any pants, but they’ve been incredibly thoughtful while I’ve been sick.

much-needed overtime, even if it means canceling some plans

spaghetti straps in the day & fuzzy socks at night

my current mood, which is deciding between tossing out what doesn’t spark joy and hoarding what will be useful in the upcoming apocalypse caused by the rise of fascism worldwide. Example: This Orajel is 8 years old and looks disgusting but it’s gonna be a hot commodity! Wood Sprite is done with all these golden books, but if we end up running a fallout shelter for orphans they’ll come in handy.

when my guts aren’t cramping up and causing me to run to the bathroom, which I sort of remember. It’s been a few weeks.

a friend offering to help with Wood Sprite’s end-of-semester photos, since it’s been tough getting out of the house ❤

my mom and aunt bringing care packages by ❤

the Labyrinth soundtrack

Wood Sprite’s patience while I’ve been sick. Some days we can still do a lot together, but others I end up needing to rest and they’ve been great at understanding and helping.

the promise of a new month. I always love new months, even if June isn’t my favorite, and we have a lot of fun plans to look forward to when I’m well.

What are you loving this week?

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