The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

hustling with Wood Sprite to finish up our homeschooling year to begin the next one on July 1. We’ve already got more than enough hours, we’re just working on completing some of this semester’s goals!

working all night before a dental extraction and filling tomorrow. My stomach’s rolling.

hoping we can still do LOTR trivia night after my dental work!

sending out reminders for my last scheduled field trip for the semester! OK, that’s not entirely true, as I’ve set up some trips to the MUNY and a monthly teen night over the summer, but it’s our last official co-op trip (to the art museum).

wanting coffee and sweetener so bad, but my stomach’s been acting up so it’s all water and blandness for me until that’s all settled.

making mud puddles with Mogwai before dunking her in purple bath water, which she loved. I blew bubbles around her while she got the mud off. We also played hospital with my Funko pops. Alana had eye surgery and Marko and Captain Marvel were grateful for Mogwai’s deft hand at repairing their head injuries.

handling a bunch of random weirdness, like the medicine cabinet falling off the wall (good thing nobody was under it!).

hunkering down during the tornadoes… while running in and out to check on dinner. I know, I know…

playing a bunch of Marvel movies while I write at night–Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Infinity War–and wishing I had Captain Marvel already. Indy’s off tonight so he’s sleeping behind me while I work and he’s got Song of the Sea on.

reading Angelfall and Into the Drowning Deep–both were fantastic! Wood Sprite and I are reading The Turtle of Oman, Ida B and a bunch of books for our homeschooling goals, and as a family we’re reading Alanna: The First Adventure (one of my childhood favorites!) and Beastologist 4: The Unicorn’s Tale.

hoping to catch up on American Gods with Indy but with all of our goals and my workload, I don’t think it’s going to happen

feeling meh over missing the last season of Game of Thrones–I think I’m good not seeing it, but if Martin finishes writing the books I will probably still read them.

wanting to see Gentleman Jack, Outlander, Unicorn Store and Wine Country, and to finish the second seasons of Sabrina, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones... argh, I wish there were time! Everybody’s binging everything and I’m just like covering my ears, hissing, “No spoilers!” over stuff they saw years ago. Sigh. I’ll binge TV when Wood Sprite’s in college.

digging Wood Sprite’s projects. While I work I’ve seen two different versions of Cap’s shield, a bunch of cool pins and buttons, a giant mini city mat out of cardboard, several comics and drawings, a bunch of painted minifigs and other cool things materialize.

I’m also enjoying WS playing Minecraft on the Xbox while I write. It’s nice company and sometimes we stop to share a meme or sing a quick song parody at the top of our lungs, which makes Gizmo bite us and remind us to quiet down. She’s either biting like an angry librarian or howling to speak with the manager.

What are you up to?

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