The Tuesday Currents

I’m currently…

Writing all night to finish before Wood Sprite’s class all day tomorrow. I tried really hard to finish beforehand but I just had too many deadlines and events scheduled, so tomorrow I’ll be going without sleep. It will be a long one but I see lots of coffee in the forecast!

playing Parks and Rec trivia with Indy and Wood Sprite (at the library earlier tonight)!

finishing Marvel trivia in second place (last night)!

enjoying a date and walk with my love while Wood Sprite’s in a coding class. We bought her some cool socks and candy for Valentine’s next week while we browsed.

seeing Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The Musical (but Wood Sprite got sick and we had to leave before the second act, which is why Gizmo is sitting in the sick bucket that was never used after we got home)

eating our annual Cheesecake Factory feast, which we do every winter. I don’t know why their salad dressings are the best but they are, and you can bet I had stuffed mushrooms.

getting taxes done

going to the Magic House for Homeschool Day

did I mention writing?

watching Justice League

intermittent fasting

reading Crown of Midnight, Akata Warrior, Excalibur (first issues!), Binti: Home, Behind You, Good Omens, and What’s Up Doc?

drinking Tazo vanilla macaroon tea

making a countdown calendar for one of my best friends

making clay dolls for another friend and ourselves

planning out curriculum, moon club, cemetery tours, etc.

finalizing details for co-op, 4-H, library programs, a leatherworking class, a minifig painting workshop and more this weekend

What are you up to?


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