Things I Love Thursday

Some things I’m loving this week include…

winning First Five Notes, pretty much every time

laser light time with the cats–and the dogs, who shake the house and prefer chasing the light to eating

clearing out the clutter (no, I haven’t watched the Kondo show yet)

stealing Indy’s flannels when he’s not home and wearing them

knowing my books will be loved as they’re passed on to my niece

being surprised by past holiday purchases made during 50% Target clearance sales (hello, adorable Valentine lights)

new lotion

Binti! OMG, what in incredible book. I’ve got the next one on hold; meanwhile I’m reading Akata Witch next.

Wood Sprite’s humor, which delights me more every day as she gets older. I had no idea my 13-year-old would make me laugh even more than my five-year-old.

Me: When we were kids, you would tell people, “My mom said I couldn’t get wet!” if you didn’t want them to squirt you.
WS: So they just didn’t spray you then?
Me: Of course not, only if you had a scary mom.
WS: Don’t spray Tom, his mom is the worst. I hear her eyes shoot lasers.
Me: I heard she has a shark for a tongue.
WS: I heard she has razors for teeth and when she talks it sounds like a pterodactyl screaming.
Me: I heard that one time the mailman missed her house and she ate a live squirrel right in front of him.
WS: He retired that very day and she didn’t even blink. She just blew down all of the three little pigs’ houses after that.
Me: But can we squirt Jimmy?
WS: Oh yeah, his mom will just give us Popsicles.

Gillette memes

understanding the difference between snakes and venomous snakes and loving those who can do the same

my mom brain, which I just have to lovingly make space for now that I know going into the living room to get the supplies I need to dust an office shelf will only keep me in said living room as I dust, re-arrange and gut (I love the word gut so much better than “clear” or “de-clutter!”) everything and completely forget the original shelf until four hours later

What are you loving this week?

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