Things I Love Thursday

This week, I’m loving…

Hygge PJs

the new system of bullet-style journaling in the planner. I’ve done both but never combined them and this is so much more practical.

the gift of good rest and perspective, especially after something seems so terrible and it’s so easily forgotten after a nap.

Dad dropping by

Luden’s, hot tea and great mugs

MY NEW UNCALENDAR! I don’t love having to wait until 2020 to use it, though I have modified my 2019 to be a lot like it. Obviously I’m not REALLY waiting to play with it…

awesome friends and family, especially the ones who are even there for you through their sickness and yours

Sally’s snuggles. I have a feeling she’s only latched onto me because Sky died, or because Pumpkin was and she got jealous, but I sure do love this fluffy trash panda. She’s not going to fill the Sky-sized hole that’s here but she’s a very welcome presence.

Gizmo-Spock is another delight to have around. Between her goofy sounds, sleeping in cinnamon bun circles and general adorableness, she’s beloved by everybody.

Of course, it’s Noke who’s head-bumping me for breakfast right now, and Pumpkin who keeps holding my planner down…

The new alternative station in St. Louis. 104.9, I think? I love it.

Wood Sprite’s artwork!

Doctor with a plague mask.

Well, most of it…

Ha! This is supposed to be from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which she re-reads all of the time–or, at least, the parts she’s highlighted. I have NO idea where she gets that.

What are you loving this week?

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