The Tuesday Currents

Also got rid of this sagging paper holder the cats have nearly broken this week! Thought it might keep them off my desk but they’re still finding places to perch.

I’m currently…

reading Wytches and Monstress graphic novels

hoping to re-schedule some holiday lights after having to bail on them

surviving Wood Sprite’s sardonic wit. Even when she’s sick she’s got it. I was reviewing cell parts with her and asked her about mitochondria. She quipped, “You talkin’ like a boat?” She’s keen on Ghostbuster references these days. She also said, “Is it one? Is it two? Is it one?”a la Holtzman after I told her a math problem was wrong. We are both big fans and even have a Holtz funko pop on our desk but the sass is strong with this one.

writing writing writing

submitting co-op classes and entering Beast Planning Mode, which is dangerous. My brain knows I’ve set up PLENTY of things but my excited inner geek girl wants to do ALL THE THINGS. Thankfully I made some notes to schedule some of them in the fall instead…

planning monthly mom nights, which took a break during the holidays

moving all the planner schtuff into the 2019 planner. Password pages are the WORST

Resetting the cell phone, which is also a pain in the tush

Planning to see Mary Poppins Returns

watching Muppets Christmas Carol and Die Hard

Reading Beastologist with the family and a few books with Wood Sprite–Trumpet of the Swan and Igraine the Brave along with a bunch of our homeschool books

Transitioning into new habits and breaking old ones (like highlighting everything… gulp)

Loving my Solstice presents! Wood Sprite got me some wax melts, a bath bomb and stickers (which I’ve already used. Naturally.). Indy got me an UNCALENDAR, y’all. I already have my 2019 planner so it has to wait until 2020 but it’s undated and I’ve already filled it in and decorated some of it because of course I have. So far I agree with it being the BEST PERSONAL ORGANIZER ON THE PLANET, but I could do without all the salesy pages inside that continue to promote it. It’s like, I’ve already bought it, just give me blank space here. It’s also like this. But it’s also already all stickered over…

Indy also got me a ton of new pens in a million colors, printer label paper to make stickers on and a lovely oil perfume from my favorite indie seller.  He loved his new tools, blu-rays, and Badass Beard Care.  Wood Sprite got him Hotwheels, fishing lures and tools, too. She about lost it over her plague mask I found (knew she would!) and the Ghostbusters hoodie I found to replace the one she lost (totally identical). She also got a bunch of books, games (including Wildcraft, Werewolves and a gemstone sorting game with 60 specimens), the cassette player walkman she wanted (she broke her old one ages ago attempting to be a Goonie), gold and silver sewing thread (also on her list) and some science kits. Her grandma got her not one but two blue leather jackets and pajamas for Indy and me, although I promptly stole his, too.

Despite so much illness and missing each other this week we had a really nice, low-key holiday otherwise. How was yours?

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