Final Days of Smallish Bloggery

Whoops, that went by fast! We were in the middle of GISH so it’s really no surprise.

30. I Will Go Down With This Ship

My own, for one! ❤ Fictionally speaking, I love Alana/Marko (Saga), Leia/Han and Fin/Poe (Star Wars), Remus/Tonks and Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter), Sara/Grissom (CSI), Sam/Rosie (LOTR) Jack/Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas), Jessica/Luke (Defenders), both Jean/Scott and Jean/Logan (X-Men)… pretty predictable canon pairings for the most part!

31. So How Was July?

HOT. Full of writing, musicals, movies and HARRY POTTER! We saw friends, had dates, enjoyed mom’s nights and game nights, and even won Disney trivia at the library! As much of a not-summer person I am, it was probably one of our best Julys. How about yours?

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